Friday, August 17, 2012

Schwaggle Rock

Heyyyy....hooooo......heeyyyyy.....(yeah, I'm down with the early '90s rock today).
How's your friday?  Doin' the dance yet?
We all did today.
No, seriously, there was dancin' in the halls at work today.
We're not right in the head.  But it's all good :-)
Today.....I'mma talk about money.
Cause It's Friday night, and I just got paid (okay, okay, I'll quit with the lyrics).
It's pay day week. Which means....mommma needs to go shopping.
Ugh.  Yeah, I said it.  I hate to shop.  But.....even though this is a light season, I'm having some equipment issues.  As goggles are deforming me.  Every time I wear them, I get big, angry red marks on my eyelids and they leak.  I think the gaskets are blown.  I suppose after averaging at least 5000 meters a week for the last year and 5 races, including Ironman....I can get some new goggles :-P
I'm obsessed with an expensive sport.  Not gonna lie.  Swimming's probably the cheapest (aside from the whole wetsuit investment and need to belong to a gym with a pool....but I'd have the latter anyways), but as a woman who makes little dinero, I like a good deal.
So I play online.
And subscribe to all the good sites like groupon, health deals, Deal Chicken, Rochester for name it.  And, of course, "Schwaggle".
What's Schwaggle?  No, it's not Boober Fraggle on 'roids.  (Unless that was their inspiration?  Hmmm...).  It's an awesome website that gives deals for athletic gear, like running skirts, compression socks, mp3 cases, nutrition, etc.  You get an email every day detailing the latest deal, and have anywhere from 24 hours to 3 days to snag it.
A few weeks ago, they came out with a deal for, an awesome sight that always has discounted (wait for it) swim gear.  $30 worth of goods for $15.  Sweet.  The huz and I jumped on that one.  And now, with a tri coming up next weekend and no desire to have half of Lake Ontario in my eyes (I know, I'm such a wet blanket) I hit 
Bonus for my 9-5 enjoyment!
15 minutes later, I had a full virtual court.... 3 pairs of vanquishers (a $20 pair of goggles for $10.95...sweet!), a super fun runner girl mouse pad, a new "140.6" bumper sticker for our SUV, and a grab bag swim suit (can't wait to see what they sent me!).  My total came to $55.30, and a I had my $30 schwaggle, free shipping, so my total came to $25.30, with free shipping to boot!
So...$25 plus $15 for the schwaggle = $40 for 3 pairs of goggles, a swimsuit, sticker and mousepad.
Sweet.  :-)
And with that, I might have a few pennies to play this weekend. if I only had some friends....

On tap for the weekend:  race specific brick, long run, date night with the hubster (Hunger Games, anyone?) and a fun night out with some old friends.  Nice fun weekend.

Whats on tap with you?  Anything exciting?

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