Sunday, August 26, 2012

And that's a wrap!

Hey hey!  Hard to believe, but the 2012 Glaser tri season is over, leaving me wondering....did it ever really begin?  I'll go with a big ole "no" on that one....more like.....I got to go out and play Half Ironman, Sprint tri girl, and Olympic Tri-surviver. 
Whats left?  A half marathon (September 30) that I have decided NOT to strictly train for and just have a good time with it....and a few fall fun runs.  I can deal with that.
Race recap coming tomorrow......but a small season recap:

3 Tri's: one half IM, one sprint, one Olympic
No PR's
One free race entry (won by my mad poet skillz :-P)
Two AG awards (one win!)
And a partridge in a pear tree.

The quick and dirty from yesterday.....
It was hot.
I didn't meet my A goal (sub 2:55) or B goal (sub 3 hours). 
I SEVERELY under-estimated the run course.
The race director thought a few hundred yards on the swim would be fun (I think he was right, the water was's just too bad that adds 5-6 minutes to my time :-P)
My foot hates me...again. was hot.

But with that said, I came in 5th overall for women (small field) and 1st in my age group (yes, there was more than one person in my age group.  there were 2 :-D)  But, to be fair, I would have won my old age group with 6 people in it, so I feel a bit better.

More details tomorrow....after a super full day yesterday....tri in the morning and the huz played football last night (he's a kicker/punter for the local semi-pro team) we spent today getting the house in order, cleaning up the bikes, and getting ready for the work week.  And now, it's Panther's time.
Go Carolina!
I hope you had a splendid weekend and I'll try to make your Monday entertaining with my race recap.  Until's football and live ironman stalking time!


  1. Dude, an age group win is an age group win. Celebrate it!

    Boo for long swim courses keeping you from PRs.

  2. email the race director to see if they can confirm distances. I will bring it up to our Race committee.

    1. I will. And I want it to go on the record that i am not complaining....i thought you guys did an AWESOME job. Will write up my RR today :-) I know one of the athletes had a garmin on and it was 250-300 long, and she's a pretty straight swimmer :-D