Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Teddy Bear Picnic

Time for the annual Glaser/Pellegrino/huz/my family picnic!
Time to celebrate our week of July 31 birthdays 
(including the birthday twins-whose big day was today!)
 And play with kids.....or remember why we aren't ready to have kids yet.  
(Noah, seriously robbing the cradle :-P)
 Time to celebrate Mom's birthday with some good ole presents :-)
And have some yum yum picnic food!
  (seriously amazing salads (recipe tomorrow), fruit in a bowl, Calico and baked beans, cornbread, and cake...just to name a few!)
And a toast to summer and family with some home brew, courtesy of binary brewery!
Good times, good times.  And even though the huz and I managed to pick a day where the ozone layer warned sane people to stay inside (which, um, I ignored by running anyways :-P)...we managed to have a nice spread of indoor/outdoor fun. And now we're surrounded by beer bottles, tons of leftovers, empty bags and a full fridge.  Another sign of a good time :-)
Hope your Saturday was equally as fun!  Now the huz and I are off to watch DVRed Women's Triathlon race for the Olympics....even though Slowtwitch's facebook ruined it for me.  Damn you, social media :-P

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