Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tri the Roc!

Back to that ole tri thing.  You know I'm terrible at leaving it alone for long!
So.  This weekend is the Rochester Tri, which is our tri club's annual "hometown tri"  (I can say that, right?  If it's in it's second year? )  I'm goin' with it.  Last year they kicked off with a sprint tri, this year they're adding an Olympic.
The huz and I didn't get to race last year...he was still recovering from IMLP and I was prepping for Ironman #2 (what a bunch of dorks).  But this year we figured, what the hey, let's do this!
1:  The race is local.  (Which, sadly for us country folk, is further away than some of the finger lake tri's....but I suppose that's the price you pay for living in the sticks and driving your John Deere to work...)
2:  We're part of the RATs (Rochester Area triathletes....the best name ever, and I sincerely adore wearing my RATs jersey that says "I'm a RAT" on the back.  Cue discussion).  Gotta support the local team.
3:  It's a new course-I haven't done an Olympic other than Keuka since 2006.  I hate Keuka.  It's a crap bike course and I inevitably stop giving a crap on the run.  Let's try something new.
4:  It's loops!  Not sure if this is good or bad....further discussion....

Hubs is doing the sprint.  I'm doing the Olympic (because I'm crazy). 

The Course

Check out that RAT!
Swim:  The swim is in Lake Ontario, famous for it's white caps and waves, and swing temps of 54 (Sodus 2010) to 78 (Shoreline 2008).  The sprint course is one loop (half mile) and the Olympic course is 2 loops (1 mile).

Bike:  The bike is a 6.5 mile loop through Durand Eastman Park.  The sprint is 2 loops, the Olympic is 4.  There seem to be a few rolling hills, and one steep, short hill at the beginning of the loop, but otherwise it looks to be pretty fast.  I guess they close some of the road, which will be awesome.

Run:  The run is a 5km out and back (sprint) and is on paved trail.  The Olympic continues into a neighborhood with a few out and backs (they better have timing mats :-P) and then a return on the same path as the sprint (10km).

All in all, the course looks fun!  I'm not too sure about the swim (not a fan of loops), but I'm really looking to see what I can get done on the bike.  I think the loops will help me pace, plus I'll know exactly where I'm at for terrain after loop one. 

Foot update:  I am dedicated to running in my orthotics, which seem to help.  I'm still slower than I'm used to, and I think it's because of recovery and the fact that the inserts give me no spring, so it's similar to running on boards.  I'll take it over no running :-)  I'm nursing a minor twinge on my left ankle (the world hates my left foot) after my run Monday (I jumped in a ditch to avoid an oncoming dumbass driver) but I doubt it'll impact me this weekend. 

Goals.....such a scary word right now.  My Olympic PR is a 2:52, and I don't really have any expectation to beat that (though it would be super awesome, I just don't think I'm in shape for it)

My A goal:  Under 2:55.  30 minute swim, 1:25 bike, 55 minute run.  Add in 2 minutes for each "T" (there's an uphill run for T1)

My B Goal:  Under 3 hours.  There's some kind of barrier for me for sub 3.  Kinda like a sub 1:30 sprint.  But we'll see :-)

As for now, I'm looking forward to a low key but fun race!  Can;t wait to see the awesome Stephanie kill the run leg of her relay team, the hubs dominate the sprint course, and see all of my RAT friends!

Anyone else racing this weekend?  I know a bunch of IMKY people heading out to Louisville this of luck to all of you!!


  1. please give me good/bad comments on bike course...i am the bike coordinator and we welcome feedback!

  2. I'm not sure if I killed it, but I did well and had a blast. I didn't think I would PR. Nice job today!!!