Friday, August 10, 2012

Our Old Stomping Grounds

Well, hellloooooo Friday.  Nice to see you.  Finally!  Yes, I know.  It's the age old anthem around here.  But has this week seemed especially long to anyone else?  Just me?  Ehh, I'm okay with that.  Ready for a few non-office days.  And I bet there's no argument with THAT one.
So, this weekend is a pretty important weekend.  Not in terms of goal smashing, fast paced excitement, but something near and dear to my heart.
It's time for Sodus. 
Yep, that silly little tri that started it all back in 2005.....when I did my first race since logging 12 minute miles as a cross country runner.  I remember the churning (4 foot) waves, my stomach in knots, doggy paddling, throwing up in the water......wondering how on earth ANYONE would want to run a 5k after doing a bike??  And crossing hand in hand with my boyfriend (husband to be) swearing I would never do that ish again.
Heh. Short memory. 
7 years.....2 Ironmans.....4 halves....and countless smaller races later, we are still going strong.
Things change.
Since 2005, I've gotten married, moved 2 times, changed jobs, fell in love with multi-sport, lost 15 pounds, gained 10 pounds, and taken 40 minutes off my sprint time.
But we keep coming back.
Some years are awesome.  2006-taking 25 minutes off my time from '05 and winning my age group.
2009-PRing after a week of honeymooning (I think that's what did it!) and taking 6th woman OA.
Post Sodus (some random year)
Some years....I grit my teeth.
The 50 degree water in 2010.
Doing a tri 3 weeks post Ironman (who thought of that???)
Some years the huz and I finish hand in hand. 
Some years, he smokes me.
Some years, I edge past him.
Doesn't matter.  Whether I cross 5 minutes before him or he does 5 minutes before me (which means we cross together, which oddly enough has happened 3 times in 7 years!) we still take a minute, smile, and think of our first tri.
Then the huz gives me a stomach noogie and makes fun of me.
Eh, some things never change :-)
How will this weekend pan out?  Who the heck knows!  With a bike that's done nothing but throw hissy fits since June, I'm just hoping I have all my gears.
With a foot that's still getting it's running legs on (oh, I'm such a barrel of monkeys today, no?) I just hope I can eek out a respectable 5k.
Basically, we're going for a sub 1:30.  I realize that might sound ridiculous, since I've got a 1:22 PR on this course and have run a 1:25 the last two years but....things change.
I have a bit less speed.
A bit less training.
A lot less motivation :-P
Either way, it'll still be fun.  In the last 800 yards, of course!
Praying for calm waters, no ice cold temps, and cooperating equipment.
Cause with Sodus, ya never know.
I often think I might give another sprint race a shot.  (After all, I haven't done any other sprints since!).  This race isn't easy.  The water is rough.  The bike is hilly.  And the run has a few decent inclines. doesn't matter.  It's Sodus.  The tri that started it all. 
Rock on! (but hopefully with calmer water.....)


  1. I'll be volunteering in transition so if you hear cheering it's one of your blog stalkers, I mean, followers. Good luck!!! -Stephanie

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