Wednesday, August 1, 2012

We're Not in Kansas

When it rains, it pours.
And when it pours....well, in the rest of the world it pours.
In Gananda, it tornadoes!  (Or, okay, more accurately) "micro bursts". 
Yesterday's forecast called for rain with occasional thunder.
Pshhh, I just did a half Ironman in that.
Undeterred, I decided to do my brick run outside (bike called for hill repeats, and the computrainer delivered 15% hill grades to my sorry butt.  Yes, literally, it hurts to sit today).
I had a 2 mile run on deck post bike.  When I started my bike, there was a light drizzle.  When I fell out of my house for the run, the world was a different place...

Yup.  All in 2 miles.  It was still raining like a mo-fo, so I hightailed it through that brick run (can we say 7:34 pace-wooohooo!) and got back indoors.
I couldn't believe it.  One of our neighbors lost a fence.
Another had a tree on his shed. 
And in the cul de sac next to us, two trees fell on houses and one smushed a car.  Wowzers.
We got lucky-we did lose a tree in our backyard (a 30 foot pine) that have to take down, but it didn't hit anything other than the ground.  Phew.
Check this out....trees out by their roots!  Holy storm!

Heck, I'm a northerner.  We're used to storms.  Snow.  Wind.  Draught.  (all in the same day.  nah, just kidding,  sort of.)  But to see a square block completely turned upside down within the space of a half hour was really insane.  The weird part?  After all the commotion, I called the huz and warned him to be careful coming home (he was at the gym, 10 miles away).  Nothing there.  Nothing at all.  One mile down the road?  Nothing.  Wow.  Guess Armageddon was on it's way for our neighborhood yesterday.
Thankfully, we are made of stronger stuff.
Today, I get to play lumberjack and take down a tree.  Ker Pow!
Did you get any crazy storms yesterday?  Were you as dumb as I was and went outside to run in them?  (Face Palm)

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  1. We had a girls "run and rita's" scheduled. We waited for the thunder to be far away and enjoyed a nice 3 mile run in the cold pouring rain. Gotta love the stares we got from people driving by. Then we enjoyed cocktails and snack while we dried out. It was the most fun I've had a on a run in a while! Glad you were unscathed :)