Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tracker Jacker

Ahh, the wonder of hump day.  Ahhh, the excitement of the week being more than half over and a 3 day weekend on the horizon. is good.
See?  I'm approaching life with the glass half full perspective this week.  Crap happens.  Feet happen,  It is what it is.  I'm feeling that with the close of a lackluster tri season, rather than focusing on my slow-pants times this year, I'll remember the value of toning it down. Of pressure-less racing.  And also the value of he season ending and making fitness whatever the heck I want it to be.
Kickboxing?  Bring it.
Tai Chi?  Sounds good!
Shredding with Jillian Michaels?  You got it.
Riding the Rail trail at Keuka and swimming all afternoon?  Check (well, after Saturday).
In short, it's time to play again. And not that tri-training isn't playing, but it's structured play time.  Now it's time to get that 60 minutes in....however I want.
And with my working out schedule becoming MUCH less structured, I can turn back to other things.  Like my eats.
It's no secret that I've gained some weight since my Ironman.  Not enough to go up a pants size, but enough to notice a little belly that wasn't there before...and a half an inch to pinch on the sides.  Ick.  Same horse, different saddle, right?  How long can I bi*ch about this until I do something about it??

Well, I have been.  Nothing nuts, just a general awareness about night eating that I talked about a few weeks ago.  Am I perfect?  Not even close.  But since the middle of August, I've lost 3 pounds, which makes me a happy girl.  And with about 7 more to go, I'm back to what worked for me years ago when I kissed 30 pounds goodbye:
The ole tracker.  Trackin' my eats.  Knowing that if I eat it, I have to write it down.  I have a little notebook from 2003 where I wrote down what I ate for an entire summer.  Was I perfect?  Nope.  Did I always eat the best?  Nope.  But when I knew that the "evidence"was was harder to pretend that that "few M&Ms" wasn't really a bog ole handful.  Or that "one cup" of cheerios wasn't really a big ass bowl.  It works for me.  Not long term (that crap will drive you crazy) but I need to get back to it until the scale is back at my happy number. 
Tracking Eats=Tracker Jacker to melting away those pounds.  Time to target those crap eats and blast em away.  I'm on it.  Bring it.
I figure if I track for 2 months, allowing for one off/cheat day a week, I should be good to go by Thanksgiving. 
I'm gonna go with the ole pen and paper route, which worked before, but I'll also be logging my eats on mapmyrun (trigirl244) so feel free to friend me and make me accountable, dammit :-)  My goal intake for each day without exercise is 1600 calories (to get back to my happy weight), and I'll add about half of what I exercise to create a deficit.  Today's workout = 45 minute pool run and 30 minutes kickboxing = 600 calories, so the goal today is 1800.  I know it's not simple calories in and out, but it's a good place to start. Stay tuned....I may start logging my food a few times a week to keep myself accountable, but rest assured, this is not and will never be a food blog.  Frankly I don't have the patience to post 40 pictures of my banana oats every morning...and who needs to see that? :-P
Do you track your eats?  Focus in a certain number of calories?  Or only when you're trying to drop weight?  Share your success secrets, I'm all ears!

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