Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Somethings Afoot

So, this title here should tell you two things.....
1.  My foot is acting like a thirteen year old with a bad case of hormones that had her IPhone taken away from her by a pissed off parent
2.  I'm in a spot where I'm passed tantrum throwing and actually have a sense of humor about it.
So.  I think I briefly touched on my pickup truck redneck scare from last week (if not, the quick and dirty is....11 mile run....pickup heading for me halfway through...jumped in a ditch....tweaked my foot).  I iced, rested and thought it was okay, but after Saturday's tri...i'm not so sure.  I have a decent amount of pain on the top of my foot, and jumping or running really hurts the heck out of it.  (Of COURSE its my left foot-the effed up foot.  If I do something, I like to do it to the full extent :-P)
So....now what?  Well, once again, we're on the no runnign thing (at least for a few days).  I'm icing like it's my job, elevating, and swimming/biking. 
The good news is...I am done with tri season.
The bad news is...I still have a half marathon to run next month.
Baby steps, Rae.  Baby steps.  And patience.
Buffalo Half Inspiration!
Oddly enough, I'm okay with this (aside from the obvious hope that i can start running again super soon.) My "workout" plans for the next few months include... Taking up up yoga and pilates-I'm going  to do one or the other 3-4 times a week.  I think it'll help my mental state, as well as my flexibility.  I also am planning on taking up some weight training in order to firm up.  My endurance rocks the nation, but I've been feeling a little "soft" ever since last year, and I know that lifting will help.  I tend to shy away from the "non cardio" side of fitness-it's partially a training thing and also...probably....a silly girl thing.  Yeah, I said it :-P  As far as cardio goes, once my foot feels better, I'd like to do 2 runs a week up until my half (5 weeks away!)  one tempo or speed, and one long, up to 11-12 miles.  I really don't care about my time, I just want to have fun and not die.  Aside from running, I'm going to give HIIT a try-I've done long stuff to death, but I think intervals will really help get my body back to where I want it.  In a week or so, that is :-)  Can't underestimate the power of rest!
And that's that.  Hows your week going?

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