Monday, August 13, 2012

Glass Half Full

Race report coming tomorrow....but a quick recap for you all today.

The bad News?

No PR.

The Good News?
I am in no worse shape than during Ironman peak.

Sodus 2011
Swim 15:51, Bike 43:13, Run 25:12  (done 5 weeks out from Chesman)

Sodus 2012
Swim 15:17, Bike 43:18, Run 26:32

I'll forgive the run on account of foot rehab.....

I can work with this.  Was it fast?  No, not for me.  When you train for Ironman (at least, in my case) you get endurance, but not speed.  So...I could ride all day long at 18mph....but my sprint time is the same as my Ironman pace ( last IM pace was 17.5).  Same thing with running.  My pace for sodus was an 8:40.....same as my last half marathon pace.  I know how to I need premium fuel :-P  But it's still not bad, considering how much of a blob I've felt like lately!

MM Mussel keeping my AG award safe :-)
So, overall, not my best by a long shot, but decently respectable, and some hardware to boot (3rd place in a new AG)!  Now, if I could only find that speed engine to get back into short course racing....I feel like I did okay, but need to remember how to find that extra gear on the bike (provided I actually have it, heh) and on the run.

But I did find something that I've been lacking, and that was enjoyment out of racing.  I've had such a lackluster year in terms of my attitude toward races that it was nice to have fun again.  And say what you will, but I think that attitude really counts for alot in terms of gettin' it done out there.  Next tri is in 12 days....while I know I have a certain base and limits pertaining to my fitness right now, I'd really like to see what I can do with the course.  And if I treat my body right (limited treats, plenty of yoga, and race specific workouts (no junk miles)  I think I can least pull out a time close to my Olympic PR.  Of course, I'll set some A, B and C goals just to make sure :-)  Cause that's how I roll!

Stay tuned tomorrow for....

Breakfast Al Fresco
What a 5 minute head start truly means
and my nice bike butt
how the hubster fared!
Pretty much....all random, wacky things you expect from my crazy sport now :-P


  1. Congrats on the podium finish!

  2. New hardware - YAY!! Congrats on the race, awesome!!