Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Maine state of mind

We're here!!  475 miles, 7.5 hours, 3 potty breaks, and $16.00 in tolls....and we made it to Old Orchard Beach.  My apologies in advance, I'm a day behind on the ole bloggie, but yesterday was super busy, and today I ran a half plus walked another 6miles, so I claim leniency!  That okay?  Good, thanks :-)
Well, backing up to yesterday, the hubs and I left at 7:30 from Rochester, and made it to our cottage at 3ish.  A few things we learned along the way....
1.  Tolls are stupid.  NY is the worst (we knew that) but we paid a damn toll in every state we went through, or $16 one way.  Effff.  We could eat lunch out with tax and tip for that!  Lame, lame lame.
2.  New Hampshire is full of drunks.  We were in it for 20 minutes and saw 7 "state liquor stores" along the way.  (I profusely apologize if you are from NH).  Interestingly enough, on the same road, 10 minutes into Maine, they had signs every 3 miles stating how tough they were on drunk drivers.  Tough break, New Hampshire-ites.
3.  Road games are awesome.  We are lame and like to see how smarty pants we can be....last road trip, we tried to name all the state capitols (and came up with 47, not bad!).  This time, we got serious.  Name as many countries as you can.  We named 129.  There are 196 countries in the world.  Now, I'm not saying we belong in Mensa or anything, but that's alllright.  Give it a shot.  It's amazing how many random countries you can remember in 4 hours!  (Note-we missed a fair number of African Counties).
4.  Maine is totally in peak foliage season.  But it's not as pretty when it's raining!  The sun is supposed to come out Monday and be out all week...fingers crossed!!
With that, here's a look at where we're staying!
 (Note- I have some nice inside pics, but it took my netbook an hour to load these two pics, so....more later!)  We're staying in a cottage with two bedrooms (one is more a living room) and it has a full kitchen, playground, volleyball, horseshoes, fire pit, pool (yep, still open) and a screened in porch with community grills.  Sweet!
 The cottage is about a mile from the ocean, so I hopped on my bike when we got there and checked out the Atlantic.  A bit chilly, but the sand beach was gorgeous, and I can't wait to jump in (with wetsuit!)

Sunday (today) was my half marathon....full race recap coming later, but I managed to crack a callous on my foot was bloody and painful.  I managed to clock a personal worst, but I had a blast with the circumstances and that's all I was going for!  (2:04 half time).  More tomorrow :-)

Post race, we came back to warm up and get dry, and headed out to Trader Joe's to stock up on lunch and brekkie stuff (yeah, it's a novelty...we don't have them where we live...yet!)  We got polenta, edamame, enchiladas, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, greek yogurt, and flax chips for $14.  Sweet!!

Tonight, we dined on the OOB (Old Orchard beach) pier and I got a big assed bacon cheeseburger (I have been craving one forever!!) with fries.  We walked to and from the restaurant, which was about 2 miles each way.
Burger, more than earned.
And dogs are tired.  And so am I.  It's time for some trash TV and maybe Clue before bed.  (I strongly suspect it was Mister Green in the conservatory with the lead pipe.  Muahahaha).
Good night!

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