Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Playing with Matches

Well, hello hello.  Hows life in your world?  It was another day full o the same snot here....busy, stressful and yada yada smackety. I'm hopeful that tomorrow's gonna be better....but let's not talk about that same old same old crisis stuff again today, okay?  I'm tired.  and you're bored.  Life resumes tomorrow...today, I had a little help with this post.
From one of my volunteers at work, that is.  See, I work with some pretty awesome folks, and between my "employee" (who really feels more like a co-worker) and our volunteers, we wax poetic about a variety of different topics.  Namely, writing our memoirs, or the "great American novel"  (if I can ever hold a thought long enough, that is!)  Truth be told, I do have a thought floating around for my book, and I've put pen to paper, but life gets in the way....you know how it is.  I don't have a problem WRITING.....once I get a topic.  But especially when it comes to blog fodder....if you're posting 6 times a week...who in the heck is THAT interesting?  Not me!  I'll admit, I'm usually good to go with a variety of posts 5 times a week, but sometimes, I'm stumped.  You don't need to hear about my 9 to 5 drivel...you live it.  Or the fact that I ran 5 miles again after work.  If somethings different...I'm on it.  A new recipe?  check.  Race?  Aww yeah.  But what about the rest of the week?
Enter in....the topic saver. 
"The Writer's Book of Matches" includes 1,001 random topic starters to help you figure out what in the eff to write about.  Geared more toward novel writing, sure, but I bet I could find enough that would be fun topic starters on the interwebs!  At a quick glance I found....
Bwahahaha.   How did they know that's how the hubs and I decided whether or not to tie the knot?  Friggin double headed coin......  (hah)
I know I'm not the only one that's felt this one.  
Should I write from the POV of "me" or the crowd that notices the "lonely" person?
Oh, I know we've all been here!  Did anyone ever solve those damn cubes?

True, they're all one liners.  And how can you develop something from a one liner?  Well, challenge accepted.  I think for the next few months, I'll take one of these "one liners" once a week and write a post...."Fun stories Friday" or something of the like.  Call it a sort of experiment into developing a short story for the Internets to see and critique/comment on.  At the very least, some of them are friggin hilarious.  My favorite so far?  " A Telephone sex worker realizes 10 minutes into the conversation that she's talking to her 15 year old son".....man.  And I thought I had problems :-P

How do you develop blog ideas?  Or do you just blow off whatever's on your mind/new in your world?  Ever get stuck for content?

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