Monday, September 3, 2012

Goldilocks and the 4 bears

Normal family picnic:  
Barbecuing on Labor Day.
Drinking a beer.  
Chatting with family.  Making faces (in our case)
Yummy Eats.  Dogs, Sausage, salads aplenty.
Catching up over a shared meal.
Dessert...fresh apple pie and blueberry ice cream.
 Check Check.  Just your normal American family.
Then....we busted out the games.
Scattergories in a normal family = fun.  Somehow we ended up with Wally World, Whil Wheaten, Hustler, and the best one liner ever.....
Scattergories Challenge:  Come up with a female celebrity starting with the letter "M"  
(double points for multiple M's)
Greg:  Miss America (nice)
Mom:  Madonna:
Me:  Marilyn Monroe
....then proceeds to look super impressed with himself for about 5 seconds 
while we all bust out into laughter....and goes "Aww crap, what am I ON?"
It went downhill from there.
Or....more hilarious.
You pick :-)
I love my family!
And the rest of the weekend....prepping for a messy, messy, work week.  And trying to rest.  And watching my arm grow (bee update:  according to the momster, I am allergic (ya think?)).  My arms is now twice the size, and the only thing that helps is Benadryl, which makes me pass out.  That should be fun tomorrow :-P  Our resident expert (cousin is an RN) gave me baking soda, benadryl and calamine lotion orders with a suggestion to call the doc in the morning if it gets bigger, or go to the ER if I have issues breathing or my arm gets stripey.  Such fun.  Guess I know how to keep it interesting!
How was your weekend?  Ready for fall?


  1. Actually I think I get double credit for Wil Wheaton!