Sunday, September 2, 2012

Feel the Sting!

Bad Sting:
The result of an angry bee.  Swelling, redness, sore, and not fun.  Boo.

Check out that right arm.  Yikes.
Yes, it hurts.  No, riding in aero today was not fun.  Yes, I'm a baby.  No judging :-D
Good Sting:

The Monroe County Sting!  Now that September is upon us, it's time for apples, pumpkins, changing leaves and FOOOOTTTBAAAWWWWL.  And while the hubs and I cheer for our beloved kitties (The Panthers) on screen (and in person November 4th!) there's another kinda local football that's entertaining, low cost, and a fun way to spend a Saturday night in September (at least the next 3 Saturdays :-))  Plus, the kicker/punter's kinda cute (but he's taken ladies, sorry!)
The hubs plays semi pro football with the Monroe County Sting, a league that plays all over New York, Vermont, and a few other north east locations.  As the weather gets cooler and the evenings more pleasant, it's a great way to spend a Saturday night, in the bleachers cheering for the home team :-)
Every Saturday in September, starting on September 8th.
5 bucks.
Location: TBD (We're between Sahlen's Stadium and Webster....more details to come).
Who's with me?

In other news, today was a house cleaning/yoga/long ride day.  And although 30 miles in aero was super uncomfortable with my bee sting, I made it through still swingin'.
The fam is on their way over for a 5pm barbecue...hots, sausages, corn, salad, and, of course, apple pie.  Onto day #2 of fun....unless I end up caving and taking a benadryl....then they'll have all the fun and eat the nom noms as I pass out on the couch :-D
Hope everyone has an awesome Sunday....the BEST kind of Sunday because we all get to sleep in tomorrow!!

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