Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Portland Prep

Yeah...expect the rest of the posts this week to be either about my upcoming vacation or my plummet to another decade.  I understand if you move along....but I hope you stay for the ride :-)
Since I am a super duper type A nerd, I basically spend the week before a vacation prepping (my to do list is not only exhaustive, but is broken down into segments:  race, clothes/toiletries packing, food, house to do's, car stuff...etc.  yeah, I know.  I usually make it out about a week or so before we hit the road, then tackle one task a day.  Today's task:  race prep!
Although I'm really just doing this one for fun, I still like to be ready to go and have everything I need to make a running race enjoyable.  To pack:  favorite running capris, tech shirt, arm warmers (okay, fine, tube socks with the feet cut off for throwaways), socks, brooks, gel, lucky sports bra (yeah I have one.  No judging), headphones, road ID, mp3 player....play list!
I always have a list of stand by running songs (Basement Jaxx, Lil John, Eminem, etc.) but I always try to add in a few new ones every race.  Since I haven't raced since May, I have a few newbies to add to the playlist....

1.  " Vulture" Pendulum (stolen from hubs playlist.  Awesome kick in the butt song!)
2.  "Motown Philly" Boyz II Men
3.  "The beautiful people" Merilyn Manson
4.  "Gangnam Style" PSY (Oh my lord....if you haven't seen the video yet....just do it.)
5. "Break Ya Neck" Busta Rhymes
6.  "Some Nights" Fun
7.  " Whistle" Flo Rida
8.  " Memories" David Guetta
9.  "What Makes you Beautiful"  One Direction
10.  Mortal Kombat Theme
11. "Cashin Out" Ca$h Out
12.  "I'm sexy (and I know it) LMFAO

New Obsession....awesome for mile 11.  Ill be dancin, yo.
 Whew, quite a mix!   Now that I'm all ready tunage wise and clothes wise, let's talk course.  I've watched the course video and looked at elevation charts, plus the hubs mapped the course out for the computrainer so I can ride it (not the same thing, but I'll get a good idea!).  The course looks pretty flat miles 1-4, rollers and one larger hill miles 5-8, and flat miles 9-13.  Doable, especially since I'm used to running hills.

Into the in case bag:  rain jacket, compression sleeves, Immodium, sweatshirt, protein bar, tums.  My sherpa (my dear hubby) has that one covered.

Let's rock this!  Err.....in 5 days. 

Got any good song recommendations I missed?  I can always use some more!

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