Thursday, September 6, 2012

Random Dithering

Hello, friendies!  Hows your week going?  Mine's been pretty stagnant...we're in a holding pattern at work, and on the home front, things are tickin along quite nicely.  My bee drama 2.0 is clearing up nicely-still red and itchy, but the swelling is going down and I'm getting uber jacked from the steroids/hormones I'm on.  Give me one more day and I'll be bustin out my new look....
Check out mah guns!
Check out mah pecks!  Nah, just kidding.  Though I will say that the meds have made me feel pretty odd...just sort of loopy and out of it (which is why I hate them, but I'd rather live another day on the meds and get better, thankyouverymuch).  Now where's my pull up bar? :-)

So, in random dithering (I blame anything wandering I say on the meds in the next few days....gotta use that excuse while I can!)  here's what's going on in the world of me for the last 48 hours (in no particular order)

1.  Plyometrics hurt.  Alot.  I did some P90x for a jolt last night and I can barely sit today.  I know you needed to know that.

2.  I've about had it with So You Think You Can Dance.  My favorite male dancer (Cole) got voted off last night in favor of some guy that's never taken a dance class. Ever.  Yuck.  At least they had the sense to vote off Barbie (Witney) which everyones been trying to do for 3 weeks.  But Cyrus over Cole?  Come on, America!  all I have to say is the judges better get real next week when they critique the dances next week.  No sugar coating that crap, and give credit where credit is due.  If Eliana and Cheon don't win this thing, there is something wrong in this world!  (Yeah, I know there is.)

3.  The heck with Obama and Romney.  Can we vote Bill Clinton back into office?  Am I crazy for saying that?

4.  Savoy cabbage makes crappy cabbage rolls.  That's for all my fellow Polish people.  It just kinda wilts.  Tastes good, but makes cabbage soup.  Nommy nom noms.

5.  I'm turning 30 in 26 days.  Holy heck, where did my 20's go?  Must make use of the next 3.5 weeks to get all drunken and silly antics out.  Nah, the heck with it.  I know enough screwed up people in their 3rd decade that don't abide by the whole growing up thing :-P

6.  Also on that timeline, my last running race of the season is in 24 days.  Think I should go for one run in September before going for 13.1?  Yeah. Me neither.

7.  I have 2 bags of spinach wilting in my fridge that my mother brought over last weekend.  What should I make?  Soup?  Kinda hard to get behind that one when it's 85 degrees, but I'm at a loss for anything else.  Anyone have any really good spinach recipes you're dying to share?

8.  Football's starting again this week.  Yay (yawn).  Only 5 more months of fantasy football swearing and hoping the kitties (panthers) don't suck out this year.  Go Cam!

How was that for random? More focus coming tomorrow (I hope :-))  have a good night!

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