Monday, September 10, 2012

The Biggest Loser(s)

Well, Monday came with the weight of a freaking freight train.  I love my job i love my job i love my job.  Nah, just kidding,  I really do.  But today was one of those "Holy heck and I going to make it through the day and I don't even have time to grab a sandwich" kind of day.  In glass half full speak, that'll help my pants size, right?  Uh...not really.  My toosh in a desk all day and passing out when I get home is more like it :-P  Hey, I'll take a rest day.  But just one.
Why can't I work out tonight?  Well, I do have a hot date with some free weights.  And the boob tube.  Yes...tonight is the season finale of the biggest loser(s)!  Wait, scratch that.  It's the season finale of Bachelor Bad.  But the two couples that are left are both pretty idiotic, so I've renamed the show in my head. 
Time to discuss (sorry for the brain rot).
The Bachelor Pad (if, bless you, you've never seen it...TURN AWAY!) is a reality show that brings former contestants from the Bachelor and Bachelorette into a house (12 of each sex).  The last female and male standing get $250,000.  Each week, you couple up and do a challange.  Winner gets immunity, and the rest are at risk-and each week, the male and female who get the most votes from the other members of the house are booted off.
So.  Hooking up.?  Yes.  Back stabbing?  Yep.  Annoying, crying women?  In Bikinis?  Yep yep yep.  In other words, the shows a hot mess.
And it's gotten me through strength training on Tuesdays for the last 2 months :-P  Usually I DVR is and watch on Tuesdays, but my co-worker watches too and always runs up to me on Tuesday morning to share the gossip form the show the night before.  In honor of the season finale, I secured the TV for the night (love you babes) and am ready for my TRASH!
WHO IS THE BIGGEST LOSER(S) and should be the winner of Bachelor Pad?
Couple #1:  Chris and Sarah:
Mister Cool Guy and the Napkin
 Chris was my original favorite of the show.  I liked him on his season of the Bachelorette with Emily, even if he was somewhat of an intellectually challenged brute.  He's Polish, what can I say.  I'm a sucker.  Well, aside from hooking up with 4 girls on the show, Chris has become completely insufferable as the "cool guy" of Bachelor, and they've been trying to vote him off for about a month now.  But he keeps squeaking by.  Oddly enough, I still kinda like him in an annoying way (did that make sense?  It's reality TV.  You know).  His partner (hookup #4) is Sarah.  She hearts him.  He hearts....the booty call.  And she has the IQ of a napkin.  Dislike.

Couple #2: Nick and Rachel
Nick and the "widow" Rachel
Nick and Rachel are the "thrown together" couple of this season.  Rachel was in love with another guy that got voted off so when it became time to do final couples she chose Nick by default.  I really liked Rachel on her season of the Bachelor (for obvious reasons) but she really annoys the crap out of me now.  She's very whiny, helpless, and isn't sure if she wants to be here.  Brilliant, honey.  If you don't want to be here, go the eff home.  I feel sorry for her partner.  I didn't watch the Bachelorette season he was on, but he seems like a cool dude.  Poor guy.

The final verdict?  Just looking for cheap entertainment.  Tonight they bring back all the old contestants, including the two insufferable brats that got voted off last week.  I've got my free weights and sneakers ready to go, but also Reese's Piece's...and pillows to throw at the TV (I threw a book once, but my kindle is a little less sturdy :-P)

And...if you have any brain cells left, I thank you for listening.  Please tell me someone else watches this crap.

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