Friday, September 14, 2012

The Storm (with no prior calm)

Hello friends.  I hpe everything is right in your corner of the world!
It's been a rough week in my neck of the woods.  Work has been insanely busy (which I can deal with, it's stress, but not bad stress) and....most majorly and importantly, we've had a decent family crisis.
My mom has a few health problems, intense headaches being one.  She got a shot for her headaches on Tuesday and had a bad reaction.  She fell in the bathroom Wednesday night and was really out of it...we ended up calling 911 and bringing her into the ER (at 9pm....cause no one ever has a criisis at a reasonable hour....myself included!).  After 7 hours in the ER, they admitted her.  She has cellulitis on her leg and had issues with oxygen intake (yes, cellulitis is what I had last week, but with my meds, it's now under control).  She's been in the hospital since then and will stay there this weekend.  There's issues with oxygen intake, and super antibiotics going on.  Needless to say, she's in the right place, but it's been a scary, stressful week 'round these parts.
And, just to add insult to injury (har), I decided it would be a super fun time to get pool rash.  I went swimming on Thursday before going up to the hospital, and about 15 minutes after swimming, I noticed a rash on my leg.  It got worse overnight, and spread up and down my legs.  Benadryl helps, but make me tired.  So today I looked it up and figure I had heat rash.  No biggie.  I went to the gym again today (not thinking it was related) and figured a swim would help.  The treatments online stated that warm baths with oatmeal, baking soda, etc would help, so I figured chlorine = dry out the rash.
NOT SO MUCH.  After I got out of the pool, the rash had immediatly spread to all over my arms, legs and stomach.  It was red, itchy, and basically felt like the worst case of poison ivy and chicken pox in the world combined.  I asked my gym if they changed the chemicals and they're looking into it.  I called the doc (because I was feeling like total crap) and they told me that it was probably somehting called "pool rash"  or "chlorine rash" and that it can be caused by a different concentration of chemicals in the pool.  I've swam at the same pool for years....but who knows if they shocked it or did something else with it, and hopefully i can find out so I can avoid this again!  The doc put me on some meds for it again (for someone who hates medicine, I seem to be taking ALOT of them) and I have to stay out of that pool until its well as out of the sun and as little sweating as possible.  WTF.  Working out is my stress relief!! 
I know, I know, first world problems.  But it has just not been my week.  If things come in 3's....then I'm done.  Phew.  14 days until vacation....14 days until vacation.....
Internet hugs accepted :-) I hope you all had a better week!!


  1. Hang in there!! I hope your mom is feeling better!

  2. Holy cow...that's one crazy week! Sending you huge internet hugs!