Monday, September 24, 2012

Tis the season!

Ahhh, turning leaves.  Pumpkin coffee.  Apple harvest.  Long sleeves on training runs.
Well, it is the season.  But now that it's "officially"'s time for....Must see TV!  Woohoo!!
While summer has been rotting my brain with SYTYCD, The Bachelorette and Bachelor Pad (can't believe I stopped so low!), summer re-runs of my favorite shows are over and it's time to reunite with some favorites and tune into some new shows!  What's on the lineup at casa de Glaser?  Well, here goes.....

Oh yummy.
1.  Dancing with The Stars (Mondays, 8pm, ABC).  A spin off from reality TV?  Probably.  I've never seen this show, and I could happily go the rest of my life without seeing it, except one of my boyfriends is in the show this season.  Which one? ( I have way too many professional boyfriends).  Apolo Ohno....yummy yummers.  If you live under a rock,  Ohno is an Olympian speed skater who has been in the last 4 Olympics.  *According to him* (and I hope he's lying) he's done with the Olympics, but hey, if he wants to keep reaching out to me via the television by dancing, hey, I'm not gonna argue. 

2.  Nashville (Mondays, 10pm, ABC):  Another newbie-Hayden Panettiere (form Heroes!) stars in this show about an up and coming country music star that threatens a well known existing star's status.  I'm not too sure about this one, but I adore Hayden, and I'm a big country music fan, so I'll give it a shot. 

3.  New Girl (Tuesdays, 9pm, Fox).  This is an oldy, but probably the most hilarious show on TV.  We started watching this when the show piloted, and Zooey Zeschanel won us over, along with her crew of 3 co-actors.  The show really reminds me of all the dorky thoughts and actions we have as people that we secretly think that if other people knew about, that they would make fun of us for.  So good to know that this exists to help (crazy people like me) feel better about ourselves.  Tune in.  You won't be sorry!

 4.  Go On! (Tuesdays, 9pm, NBC).  This actually premiered a few weeks ago, and is on my DVR just waiting to get watched.  Sadly, it interferes with New Girl, but her, that's why we have a DVR!  This show stars old "friend" Matthew Perry, who is a sportscaster trying to get over the death of his wife.  I think it sounds good for the punchy one liners, but am unsure if it has staying power.  We'll see. 


5.  Fringe (Fridays, 9pm, Fox).  Once again, an oldy but goody.  This show started back in 2008, and sadly, this season is the season finale.  So sad.  I can't decide who I like best-Joshua Jackson (yummy yummy) the actress that plays Olivia (girl power) or the hilarious actor that plays Walter...and how can I forget Lance Riddick (hello mister 8 pack) but the entire cast works seamlessly together, and the story lines are out of this world (literally).  If you haven't gotten into it yet and you liked X-files or similar back 10 years ago, do yourself a favor.  Netflix the past seasons, watch them, then hulu the new season.  You won't regret it. 

So there you jolly well are.  More treadmill viewing fodder for my fall and winter.  I think I need to sign up for another go with my TV watching marathon!

What shows are you into this fall?  Anything I'm missing?

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