Saturday, September 15, 2012

Mamma Mia

After sleeping on and off for 12 hours last night, I'm feeling a bit more ready to carry on with the world.  The good news is....I'm a little more human.  And I didn't have to work today. And I still managed a short bike ride.  And my husband cleaned the bathrooms so I wouldn't have to get near the chemicals (love you babes).
The bad news...Mom's still in the hospital (at last until Monday).  And my legs look like a pizza.  A swollen, messy pizza:
 Okay, everything looks like a pizza.  But for your sake, I stopped at my legs :-P  I seriously feel like an 8 year old that rolled around in poison ivy then came home and bathed in the leftover leaves.  So.  hot.  (Actually, it is hot.  That's part of the problem :-( ). 
As I said yesterday, it's been a trying week.  I've had to pull out my big girl you know whats both at work and on the family front, and I'm tired. 
They say that there is a point in every child's life where they will most likely have to play "parent" to an aging parent....I just didn't think I was there yet.
Big breath.  Baby steps, right?  Once we get my mom out of the hospital, she's going to need to make some big changes, health wise.  I just hope she will and that we can all support her.
Okay, enough of the heavy stuff.  After the week from hell, the hubs and I decided we needed a night to be together.  And since pizza legs arms and entire body don't work outside of the home, we kept it in.  With homemade Italian (don't pizza).  We had a groupon for the Ravioli Shop, so we went on a post hospital shopping spree and picked up homemade raviolis (artichoke and roasted red pepper), vodka sauce, and homemade bread. 

 Double triple yum.  Post dinner, it's time for a snuggle fest and Snow White and the Huntsmen.  The little things, you know?  Here's to a better tomorrow :-)

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