Saturday, September 22, 2012


Well, it's Saturday!  Yay for the weekend!  And thank you for your kind words yesterday on my foray back into the writing world.  It was a rough first draft that took me about a half hour to do, and I think I'll polish it up a bit and put it in my files.  A feel good story without a ton of meat, but fun to write nonetheless.  It's good to be back!
We had a big breakthrough today on the running front.  I had a good 5 miler last week and this week, so I knew I would be okay to run Portland next weekend.  But I still wanted to test drive a 10 miler...just to make myself feel better.  So, with the temp in the mid sixties, a light drizzle, and the wind in my face (yep, I meant that) I headed out to do my 10.  And did 11.  .4.  Wooohooo!! I ran to my mom's house, like I have many times before.  I planned on running 10 and walking the rest, but felt pretty darn good, so I keep on going!  My overall time was only about 4 minutes slower than my best ever time running to Webster (marathon PR shape), so for not running more than a 10k since May (I do NOT count Musselman, I walked half that run :-P)  I'll freaking take it.
The Workout
11.44 miles
Time:  1:43:24
Pace:  9:08/mile
I also fell in love with running again.
Not that I ever fell out of love, exactly....but running kinda dumped me a few months ago, and I've been chasing after it like a teenage girl with a crush since May.  I'd give it up for a few weeks, and then try again, like an 8th grade slipping a note to their crush in study hall.  "Running, will you go out with me again?  No?  Damn.  Okay, fine.
Well, with three successful runs under my belt with no foot pain, I think we're off that break (pun intended) and hopefully my body will allow me to enjoy the most beautiful running season ever-fall.  Today, aside from the scattering of sprinkles, it was the perfect day for a run.  62 degrees.  Cloudy with a few breaks of sun toward the end.  The pumpkins out in the patch.  The cows out grazing (and looking at me like I was a fool, but whatever).  A few shades other than green on the trees.  And super super comfy in my capris and tee (I live for this weather).
Portland is 8 days PR in store for me, but I can still hang on to my A goal, which is to squeak in under 2 hours!  For a grand total of 8 runs (including races) since memorial day.....I think I would squeal with joy if I could do that!
Portland Goals:
A goal:  1:59
B goal:  Under 2:05
C goal:  finish.  Always.
Now it's time to get my yoga on, eat clean, hydrate, and stretch!  Wooohooo! 
Which I'll start tonight.  With some chai tea and Snow White and the Huntsmen.
I'll admit, I have a small twinge of jealousy toward those running Rochester Half and Full tomorrow, but I'm really glad I decided to run Portland instead.  New scenery and all :-)  Good luck if you're racing tomorrow!!
How was your Saturday? 

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