Sunday, September 9, 2012

Glass Half Full

Ahh, what a splendid, fall like day in New York.  It's about 60 degrees, there's a slight breeze, I got to sleep in, and I feel pretty darn good.  perfect day for a run.
Or not.  It's been awhile since the foot update (foot watch 2012?)'s not good.  I have a decent amount of pain on the top of my foot (different spot) and haven't been able to run ("run") since the Rochester tri (2 weeks).  I went out on Friday and called it a day after 1.5 miles-literally could not run another step.  I'm hoping that another week or two of rest will help it out, bu at the same time, I am so so grateful that I was at least able to do all my tri's this year (not fast, but complete them!)  It's so  much more than I could have gotten. 
Dear foot,
If you are listening and feel like being a doll, can you please hang in there for one more (not fast) race?  I would sincerely love to run the  Portland Half Marathon on the weekend of my 30th birthday.  I promise to treat you very gently until then.
No colors yet, but fall is in the air!
 Here's hoping :-)  Have to keep that glass half full!
So how's your weekend been?  Mine's been pretty low key-a few business things, a few errands, some housework, a few lovely rides...the perfect mix.  I love fall, and the weekend seems to be opening up for the season (don't tell me it's going to be 80 degrees out this week.  I don't want to know).  To me, Fall is the best of the best.  Hands down, my favorite season.
Fall Means...
The return of hot drinks after cider, hot cocoa (who am I kidding, that's year round!) and fun seasonal teas like pumpkin chai and apple cinnamon.  Yum.
Changing leaves and pretty colors (well, and raking.....but that's just extra cardio, right?)
My birthday!!  And this year, a week long vacation to celebrate.  God, I'm an entitled brat :-P
Cross Country running (well, a limited amount this year, but still tis the season!)
Mountain biking along the canal.  Perfect weather.
Turning off the AC and not needing to turn the heat on yet.
Fall produce: apples, squashes, and pumpkin!

Ahhh.  Just a few.  What do you love most about fall?  Ready for the season yet?

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