Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Before I begin with my regular drivel, I just want to take a moment to recognize Patriot's Day....for everyone that was touched by our nations tragedy 11 years ago today.  As always, we stand together as Americans.  We will never forget.
At first glance, one would think this post is about Mortal Kombat.
Or something martial arts related, at least.
Nope.  Today's just about fruit.
Specifically, new and exotic fruit.
Yesterday, while doing my weekly shopping, I headed through the produce section, looking for deals (my usual shenanigans).  I'm a sucker for clearance produce because I love fruits and veggies and never have an issue using them up before they go bad.  If it's getting close...I either freeze them (most fruits) and use for smoothies, or make soup (veggies).  Check out my produce haul this week:

6 bananas, 10 clementines, 1 bag of baby carrots, 3 bags of steam able broc/carrots and my exotic fruit....all for $4.00.  Cannot.  be.  beat! (The Manns bags were on special for $1 (reg $3.49) and had a $1 peelie on them = free.  Awesome.
However, this was the main star of the week:
 I spied these guys on special 2 for a dollar...and figured even though I had no freakin' clue what they were....why not?  So I bought em, came home, and googled.  "Kiwano" (what a cool name) or the "horned melon" are fruits native to the Kalahari desert, and taste similar to a kiwi and a cucumber.  In order to eat them, you halve them, halve them again, then suck out the seeds (TWSS?) 
Check out the ecto green insides!  I halved this baby and shared with the hubs for an after dinner treat....it had the zing of a kiwi and the refreshing, water/gel consistency of a cucumber.  Pretty neat!  Not sure if I would buy them on a regular basis....usually I like to know I can use my fruit in a few ways (in a salad, oats, desserty dishes, etc) in case I don't eat them all whole, but this was a great sweet and different end to a summer dinner.

Have you ever tried a kiwano? Any other crazy fruits?   Ill tell ya, I'm pretty much in love with the name. Think I could name my next cat Kiwano?  No?  (somewhere, the hubs is shaking his head in sorrow for our future kids....)

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