Monday, October 1, 2012

My Roaring 20's

 Day one of vacation....well, technically day #2, but with the 4:30 wake up call and crazy race day....we're counting today as a full day one :-)  Race recap probably on Wednesday....I'm processing.  Plus there's the whole vacation talk to fill my day with, so I's coming.  But not yet.  Not just yet.
Well, today dawned beautifully in Old Orchard Beach...sunny and mid sixties.  Perfect.  The hubs and I started the day off with blueberry pancakes, then took out the mountain bikes to find the Eastern trail, which is a 65 mile bike trail from Kittery, Maine to Portland Maine.  We decided to rock out the northern part of the trail (a 16 mile jaunt to Portland and back), and tackle the southern portion tomorrow. 
It was a gorgeous, gorgeous ride (sorry no pics, we managed to bust the camera!  $130 later, we have a new one, but we bought it after dinner so...expect some trail pics tomorrow.) The trail went through beach, wildlife reserve, and forest.  So gorgeous.
We headed back around lunchtime, grabbed some sammiches, and relaxed for a bit in the sunshine.  Then we went to the beach!  6 miles of sand, surf, and a beautiful sunset.  Ahhhh.  Relaxation, sunshine, and my sweetie.  What way could be better to end my last day as a twenty something?  Nothing, just nothing.  And tomorrow, we have a pretty full birthday planned....30 miles of biking, running, and swimming IN THE OCEAN!....a Thai dinner....and other goodies I don't know about yet that the hubs has been holding out on me for....what a guy.
But today's about my twenties.  And just for fun, I've scared up some photos from the last decade of my life.  Take a look at my "roaring twenties"!
20 years old: Attended SUNY Geneseo, choreographed my first dance for performance, picked up a double major and minor, got a new old bestie from elementary school!  Met a great group of friends at Geneseo and rocked out the parties on the weekends and made some awesome memories.
21 years old: Senior year of college, stayed off campus with my 3 best friends.  Graduated.  Got my first job (ABW, residential counselor).  Transferred BJ's to Henrietta and met my future roommate.  Got addicted to Y and R (thanks to college roomie, below).  Rocked out at the Roost every Thursday.

22 years old:  Moved out of the house , and into my first apartment with my bestie.  Got a second job (Mary Cariola, in addition to ABW).  Made an AWESOME group of friends at BJ's.  Learned about the WRONG kind of relationships, started my first blog (good ole live journal), and went out on a blind date with a guy named Greg.....
23 years old:  Started dating Greg.  Did my first triathlon (Sodus).  Moved into my own apartment.  Got promoted at work and paid off my student loans!
24 years old:  Lost 15 pounds.  Did my first Olympic triathlon (NYC tri).  Got a new job at Catholic Family Center working with kinship caregivers.  Moved in with my boyfriend, and then got a townhouse together in Fairport.  PRed in Sprint distance by 24 minutes.
25 years old:  Got engaged!  Picked up new friends with the MRP, and got close with my co-workers at CFC.  Wedding planning!  Did my first half Ironman (Musselman) and my first marathon (Rochester-the year of the 100 degree heat index).  Set Olympic PR (2:50).
26 years old:  Got married!!  Bought our first house and moved out "to the country". Honeymooned in Vermont and threw a big New Year's Party to celebrate the new house. PRed in the spring distance at 1:22.  Finally quit BJ's after a 10 year run...yep, you read that right.
27 years old:  Did my first Ironman at Lake Placid.  Met an awesome group of triathletes that I still adore today.  Spent most of my 27th year training for this race....and worth every minute of it,.  Got my second tattoo (an M Dot the hubs designed) to remind me that I can do WHATEVER I set my mind to.  Promoted at work to management (sweet).
28 years old:  Marathon #3 (National Marathon), Ironman #2 (Chesman), and PR's in marathon, half marathon, and Ironman.  Ran the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.  Started my blog!
29 Years old:  The "resting" (non Ironman) year :-)  Severe foot injuries hurt the season, but still did 2 half marathons, a half Ironman and smaller races.  Vacationed in Jamaica and Maine.  Won a poetry contest and got my work published.  Won our first horseshoe tourney!
Whew!  and I'm missing so so much, I know.  But that's what I got in 15 minutes or less...and....I've had quite the decade!  What's next for my 30's?  I can't wait to find out!

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