Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Portland Photo Shoot

So the day was a little gray out.  Pshaw.  Who am I to complain when its nearly 70 degrees in October and I'm on vacation?  Yep, that's right.....neither one of us.  So we packed up the SUV  with lunch and rain gear (in case!) after breakfast and headed north.
To Scarborough for the Salt marsh and Lenny, the 1500 pound chocolate moose....
 (Too bad I had just eaten breakfast.  Next time).

To Cape Elizabeth to see the old WW1 bunkers, Two Lights State Park and the Fort William Lighthouse (commissioned by George Washington!)

 To Portland to see (and taste!) the Shipyard Brewery beers...they had some delicious Apricot beer (yeah, I'm girly with my beer) and a great chocolate stout.
(For some reason, I can't rotate this pic.  I think Greg was drunk.  Yeah, that's it. lol)
To the shops of Portland for some homemade candies and lobster souvenirs....
 And then, yes.  To Whole Foods and Trader Joe's.  Because I am a dork.  And we don't have these within 200 miles of where I live (yet-can't wait for TJ's to come to Rochester!)

 And then as it started to drizzle, we headed back.  And did a wonderful truncated WOD to get our heart rate up and get some HIIT and strength in.  Proving that even when it's sucky out, you can still get a good workout in on vacation :-).  And have room for those chocolate covered mini Oreos and candy apple jelly beans from Downtown Portlands "Ye Olde Candy shoppe".  Hey...I need something to throw at the TV when the debate starts...
 I hope your Wednesday was just as wonderful as ours!  I'd ask who you're rooting for in the debate....but let's all stay friends, shall we? :-)  Night!

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