Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dirty Thirty

Well, we did spend alot of it "dirty", but in a different way.....
This was pretty much an awesome birthday!  Right up there with my 13th, where my best friend papered the lockers with my photos, announced my bday over the PA system, AND threw me a party....my sweet "seventeen" where we had a party for over 50 kids and with the Friday night crew (why?  who knows!) and my 21st birthday, where my mom bought me 21 little bottles of liquor (true story...I need to find that pic!)
However....this one was right up there.  It's the first year I've ever been on vacation for my birthday, and the hubs and I took full advantage of it.  First order of the day...a "reverse" triathlon. 
Yep, you got it.  For the last few years, I've tried to do the correct amount of miles as to my age on my bday (us triathletes are a weird bunch, I know.)
Leg #1:  A 3 mile run.  I took it super easy, since my legs are a bit sore after the half and our 4 hours of exercise yesterday.  I also did something new and tried trail running....not as fast or easy as roads, but a great way to start the day off!
After my run, I had an awesome breakfast with the hubs, and we did some relaxing and card opening. 
Then it was time for leg #2-a 27 mile bike ride through the Easter Trail of Maine (we went from Scarborough to Biddeford and back.  We had a few hiccups along the way, but it was an awesome ride, and great to spend time with my other half.

 After the bike leg, we decided to end the tri with what was supposed to be a mile swim...but ended up being more like a 1/4 mile scramble through the waves just to say I did it (yeah, I'm the fool-the hubs laughed and took pics of my madness).
After the 30.25 miles, the "30 reverse birthday tri" was complete.  No medals, but some awesome pink running shoes, tights, and a Cam Newton jersey to celebrate the day!
 And, of course....dinner out.  Yummy Thai food at a local joint (so bummed I forgot the camera....we might have to go back on Thursday!!)  I got ginger chicken and the hubs got Pad Thai....yum yum yum.
Post dinner, we went for a moonlight walk, and came home for "cake":  A half moon cookie with candles and a birthday serenade.  Now lets just hope I get my wish....
But I suppose I will eventually have to go back home :-P
All in all, a pretty damn good dirty thirty.  In my own definition of dirty!

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