Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Square One

 Holy cow.  Wowza.  Yikes.
Yeah, I got more where that came form.  So...today was day one of the good ole "second" plan.  Yup, I'm calling it that.  Just try to stop me.  15 weeks x 3 quality runs.....45 runs till I'm in marathon shape....(plus some quality runs through the holiday madness to keep me sane...huzzah!).
Well, that sounds good in theory, right?  Right.  So, without further ado.... here's my little plan!
"2nd" Marathon Training Plan 
Wk  Speedwork/Tempo/Long Run
1       8x400 m      3 miles      10 miles
2       6x800m       7 miles      13 miles
3       3x1600m     3 miles      10 miles
4      10x400m      5 miles      14 miles
5       5x1200m     5 miles      15 miles
6       7x800m       8 miles      17 miles
7       3x1600m   10 miles      13 miles
8     12x400m      3 miles       18 miles
9       8x800m      5 miles       15 miles
10     4x1600m    8 miles       20 miles
11   12x400m      5 miles       15 miles
12     6x1200m    5 miles       20 miles
13     7x800m      4 miles       15 miles
14     3x1600m    8 miles       10 miles
15  30' EZ w 5x60s/20' EZ w 3 or 4 pickups/Marathon !!

The FIRST Paces (based off 10k pace 8:15/mile)
Long Run 10-K pace + 60 to 75 seconds/mile (9:15-9:30)
Long Tempo 10-K + 30 to 35 seconds (8:45-8:50)
Mid Tempo 10-K + 15 to 20 seconds (8:30-8:45)
Short Tempo 10-K pace (8:15)
1600m Repeats 10-K - 35 to 40 seconds (7:40)
1200m Repeats 10-K - 40 to 45 seconds (7:30)
800m Repeats 10-K - 45 to 50 seconds  (7:25)
400m Repeats 10-K - 55 to 60 seconds  (7:15)
 You see it's similar to last years plan, but with a few small tweaks.  My paces are a bit slower this year, because, let's face it, I'm a bit out of shape.  I'm planning on re-assessing my paces in about a month to see where I'm at....I would surely love to PR in this marathon, but the way I'm doing now, I'll surely be okay with running a strong race and not looking like this at the finish line:
 Ugh.  Maine marathon, you were not pretty.
But at least I finished you!
So today...day #1....was speedwork. 8 x 400.  Yikes. 
I always do my speedwork on the treadmill, because it forces me to keep a steady pace (and not slack off!)
The Workout
5 minutes warm up
8 x 400 @7:13/7:19 (alt) pace with 90 sec recovery
5 minute cooldown
Time:  35:10
Distance:  4.20 miles
Overall pace:  8:22
Well.  Other than the fact that I was pretty sure I was dying by the 6th repeat, I would chalk that up to a win.  (Poor guy next to me on the treadmill.  I'm sure you would have run away if you could!)  Lesson learned.  Just because you can run long, doesn't mean you can run fast!  and that's okay.  I might not be all the way back on square one, but I sure feel like it today!  Bring on the pain, bring on the workouts-I'm ready!!

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