Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday funnies, take 387

Welcome to another weekend!  I have absolutely no gas anymore this week...and a pretty heavy financial meeting to attend tonight in my casa (why are finances so damn hard?).  So break out the wine.  And the chocolate.  And, once again, my creative juices are dead, so I will hopefully write something this weekend and get it to you for your heckling :-P.....but for now, I'm leaning heavy on the crazy interwebs again for content-so, without further ado, here's some fun stuff I've been playing with online lately....

1.  Candidate Match: Haven't made up your mind for November 6th yet?  Check out this site!  It's a quiz that lists where the candidates stand on several issues.  You key in how you feel about the economy, women's issues, foreign policy, etc., and the quiz returns which candidate you are more in line with in order to help you make a more informed decision. 

Badass bracelet
2.  Survival Bracelets: Heard this one on the radio this morning.  A fashion statement combined with practicality-it's a bracelet that allows you to unravel the fabric to create a para cord that can hold up to 300 pounds.  Sweet.  Not that I plan on bungee jumping anytime soon, but it's pretty cool and bad-ass feeling.  I may have to ask Santa for one.

3.  Damn You atuocorrect:  I've kep this site in my cache forever.  You know when you're typing out an email or facebook status and you're using your mobile?  Well, sometimes the words don't come out quite the way you expect.  And now they have a website dedicated to it.  Stupid and mindless, but it's a great humorous time waster.  And you all know we need a little laughter. 

4.  My Parents Joined Facebook: The older generation and social media.  Once again, ridiculous, but hilarious. 

5.  Costume Idea Zone:  Stuck on what to do for Halloween?  Low on cash?  Check this site out.  Some of the ideas are a little out there, but it's a gem!

Any fun time wasters you want to share? 

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