Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Halloween Workout

Well, it's here.  Visions of sugarplums and all that.  Oh, wait,  wrong holiday.  My fault :-) Still, I'm pretty sure there's one thing on the agenda for today:  Candy, candy, candy candy!  (If you haven't seen the Garfield Halloween Special yet, DO IT.  Spooky and cutsie at the same time!)
Seeing as I'm an old lady sans kids, the hubs and I will be handing out candy tonight and trying to keep our hands from unwrapping the candy and eating it all before the kiddos get it!  Last year, we had over 200 trick or treaters, so we're fully stocked up.  Which is super hard for someone with a sweet tooth like me!  It all looks so darn good!
We all know the tips-don't buy your favorite candy, eat a sensible dinner, buy the "smarter treats", hand out inedible things, like stickers or pencils.   But whats someone to do on all hallows eve when they've got all that candy candy candy in front of them?  And really, who wants to be "that house" that hands out pennies?  Not me.  So, we do it a little different in casa Glaser.  We still don't buy our faves (Reese's Pieces for me, Twix or Kit Kat for hubs), but in order to feel a bit better about indulging, we get in a good workout first.
But who in the heck can get a run or ride in with that doorbell ringing every 2 minutes? 
The Halloween Workout!
The hubs and I developed this one a few years ago.  Super simple, super effective.  Think of it as a randomized "crossfit" in your own living room.  We designate an hour (or 45 minutes, or whatever) and alternate who answers the door. When you go to the door, take note of the costumes donned by the kiddos, and each one "equals" a certain move.  This year, as follows:
Ghost:                                          10 push ups  
Super Hero:                                 10 sit ups
TV Character:                              10 squats
Movie Character:                          30 sec plank
Cowboy/Cowgirl:                         10 tricep curls
Zombie/Monster:                          10 bicep curls
Teenager/Lack of costume (ugh):   20 jumping jacks
Baby in costume:                           10 burpees
Princess/Witch:                              10 squat leaps
Other:                                            30 sec jump rope
So, if I answer the doorbell and see these two adorable characters (my niece and nephew!)  I need to do 10 sit ups (Mario, IMO is a super hero-c'mon, he saves, the princess!) and 10 triceps curls.  Oh, fine, we'll include the big kid and I'll do 20 triceps curls.  As I'm doing my set, the hubs will get the door.  It's a frenzy for the first half hour, then it calms down a bit!
After 200 kids (100 each)...I would say we've earned that crunch bar!  Hey, you don't have to have a justification for every treat, but I happen to think this little trick works for the home bound candy hander-outers :-)
What's your plan this Halloween?

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