Monday, September 26, 2011

Welcome to Pennslytucky!

Yes, yes, I know everyone wants the race report from Ironman #2, and also is waiting with baited breath for the big WTC versus Independent 140.6 comparison…..tomorrow, I promise!  I still have a touch of Ironbrain, and want to give good thought to both posts!  Recovery wise, I’m doing ok, though.  Obviously, I feel like someone ran me over, backed up, then did it again…and I am feeling really off in terms of headache and stomach wise (kind of flu-ish) but that’s pretty standard I think.  Putting your body through 12 plus hours of racing plus an 8 hour drive home will do that to you!

And speaking of the drive home….just a few gems from the wonderful state of PA.  Wow.
In New York, we just call them bathrooms....
What if I don't want to smile?

Welcome to PA.  Help the old folks.  Screw the kids.
18 inches??  Thats what she said....
Even if you're from PA.  We really care.
More tomorrow friends Smile Stay tuned for the 140.6 RACE REPORT!


  1. seriously? too far, Rae, too far.

  2. Hurry up on that report!! Ha ha!! Those were some good PICs!! ;)