Friday, September 23, 2011

Bad Squishy!!

So, let's talk about this Iron distance race tomorrow, shall we?  This morning, I went out for a practice swim and now have a lay of the land.  Met up with a few triathletes and chatted about the race, got my gear bags together, and now am resting before tomorrow!  So what do I get to do?......

The Swim: 
2.4 miles in the lovely choptank river, and offshoot of the ocean.  Salt water.  Choppy (duh).  And tons of JELLYFISH!  I got in the water to swim part of a loop, and freaked out for about 30 seconds when I saw my first jelly guy.  He shall be mine.  And I shall call  him squishy.:-) I took a few breaths and calmed down, then did a 15 minute swim.  Not used to salt water, but it wasn't bad!  Too bad Squishy didn't think so....yup, I got stung :-P. Bad Squishy, bad! Better today than tomorrow!!  Seems the jellies are out in full force....I saw about 30 during my 15 minute swim.  Yikes!
The Bike:
112 miles-65 miles for loop 1, 47 for loop 2.  Flat, windy, and swampy.  It was kinda cool looking, till we saw mile 50....which is underwater.  Nope, not kidding.  Hopefully the snakes don't come out.  And my bike wants a half mile bath....twice :-P
The Run:
26.2 miles.....3 out and back loops of 8.something miles.  Got my mile bracelet and my special needs bag ready to go (you can access twice :-)) and not tough terrain, but I imagine some major mental HTFU will come into play.

=140.6  Phew!  Go time is 7am....lets hope the rain stays away until post bike, and I can do this!
Chessyman, here I come!!!