Thursday, September 29, 2011

Parfaits and Pavement

So, how about we play a little game today and A) NOT talk about triathlon and B) Make this post short and sweet so you actually read it don't fall asleep reading it?  All in favor?  Good, me too :-)

It's a rainy fall day in New York, perfect for all things Autumn.  Ok, more so perfect for for hiding under the covers with my latest book and some chai tea, but, seeing as I have to pay the bills, off to work I went. 

Autumn Perfection #1: Apples.

Most mornings equal a nice steaming bowl of banana oats, but since I was running around, I needed portability.  Enter in Apple Oatmeal Parfait:

1/2 cup oats, cooked in the microwave with a dash of salt and cinnamon....layered with chopped mac apple and Greek yogurt. 
5 minutes to make, and can be eaten on the go!  Perfect.

Check out that baby:



Autumn Perfection #2:  NEAT (Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis)

Now you didn't think I was gonna sit on the couch this week, did you?  Since I am idiotic enough (yeah I couldn't even make that pretty) to be doing a duathlon on Sunday, I consulted one of my favorite nutty triathletes (yes, Matt, I am in awe of your race antics) to ask for advice on how to not die this weekend.  He told me to A) Swim and B) Walk.  That I can do!  So, since it was raining, I met up with a brave friend for coffee and a walk and combined the two :-)
Got my 10,000 in before 2pm.  Boo.  Ya.

Since I got my NEAT in during lunch, that leaves tonight open for some yoga and guilt free reading under a fleece blanket.  Perfection.
And, on a last random note, wanna see what Ironman does to you aside from making you sore?

Times a million for um, "other" areas.  Yeah, yeah. TMI.  I know.  Does this make me a bada$$ or just really stupid?  Discuss :-P


  1. you. ARE. AWESOME!!!

    Great job on the triathlon! CORRECTION -> rockstar job on the IRONMAN!!!

  2. Such a bada$$ and such an inspiration!