Thursday, September 22, 2011

Welcome to Cambridge!

445 miles later....and 75 miles of course driving, we are!! The hubster and I left at 6:45 this morning, got into Chesapeake Bay about 2:30....checked in the hotel....and were suprised with a free room upgrade-sweet!!  I booked a single queen, we got upgraded to a King Suite.  Rockin'.
Twice the size room....hubster gives it a thumbs up!

After unpacking, we swung by the Hyatt to pick up my race packet and far, super impressed.  WTC gives you a hat and a shirt....check out Chessyman's haul!

backpack, water bottle, gu's, bars, fizz, chip strap, Chessyman gloves, reusable bag, shirt!

Iron name on the bib, but that's what sharpies are for!!
 After picking uo my swag, we checked out the swim, drove the bike course and run course.....more on that tomorrow :-P  While there aren't hills on the course, it's gonna pose it's own challenges....namely certain sea life, humidity, road "issues" and mental challenges.  Stay tuned :-D Course logistics tomorrow....

Post driving the course, we headed off to the dinner.  The Hyatt sponsored the dinner, and I got the hubster in for a *very* reasonable cost :-P  IMLP=pork, salad, white roll, manicotti and brownie.  Chessyman:

Pasta (3 kinds, including spinach), marinara/meat or pesto sauce, salad, wheat/white/pumpernickel rolls, fruit, chicken breast, and homemade carrot cake or chocolate torte for dessert!

Life's too short to pass up homemade torte....Shared with the hubster :-)

PHEW!!! Full day!  Relaxin' time, then up early for a swim, bag packing, bike check in, athlete meeting..and OFF MY FEET! Night :-)

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