Friday, September 23, 2011

Miles and Miles and Miles

My mental prep from Ironplanner suggested amping up my arsenal of mental tricks in order to help me with 140.6.  Sounds a bit strange, but so physically daunting as an Ironman is, it's way more mental than physical.  You need to give your body a damn good reason to keep moving, as the average Joe (or Josephine) takes anywhere from 9-17 hours to finish. 

Therefore, I have process goals for each segment, mantra's, an Epic "Battle", and magic.  Add in Gollum and a Delorian and I am good to go.  :-P

All joking aside, my favorite mental trick is during the marathon.  I pick one person or memory or theme for each mile, then think of that for the entire mile...I remember good times with the person/group, have conversations with them in my head, and, in general, dedicate the mile to them. It works well.  I did it for Placid, and it made the more desolate areas go by so much faster, it seemed.  For this Ironman....where there are 300 people doing the run portion instead of 3000, it is vital.  So, without further ado....I give miles!!

Chesapeakeman Marathon Miles

1.  The Hubster.  He always chooses mile 1.  I wonder if he knows I curse him out as my legs feels like poo.....
2.  Ironman Lake Placid.  First Ironman.  Such good memories of that day!!
3.  Drew.  My best friend from high school.  He will be there watching.I can't wait!!
4.  Mama TFB:  She can't be there to watch, but I know she'll be thinking of me!  (And wondering why I am such a crazy pants :-p)
5.  Jen D. One of my bridesmaids from my wedding, and an awesome friend.  I can't wait to catch up post IM....even if she thinks I am "so stupid" for doing something like this!
6.  Mom G.:  Always there in spirit.  I miss you.
7.  Dad G. aka WUSS.  I will wun like a wabbit and think of ballerina mugs!!
8.  My Tri Friends:  Eric, Dale, Carolyn, Marc, Train-this, Nice Tri, The Kellman's, Ultra Adam, Boots and guys make me laugh, cry, and love this sport.  you are amazing.
9.  Rachael aka my "sis".  Love you.  I am so happy for you.  And I will be thinking of "names" :-)
10.  James.  My twin from high school.  I am so stinkin happy you are into racing and are so happy and healthy....I hope we can celebrate :-)
11.  Aunt Diana/Uncle Royer/Amy/Lisa.  Love you guys and our new family traditions!
12.  Iron friend Andrea.  We ran most of Musselman together and I thank you for your positive helped me out so much! (we'll add in Kingsley, too!!)
13.  Brennan.  So happy you took up running and biking.  It's been so fun to re-connect!!
14.  Aunt Barb/Michelle/Lisa.  Love you girls.  I miss you, but know we will pick up one day like no time has passed at all....oh, and "Diane", too :-D
15.  Kinship Mom.  Can't wait to see you and your imaginary husband!
16.  Tanya/Jeff/Wyatt/Lorelei.  My CO family.  Jeff, I still blame you for this mess.
17.  The Roost.  Closing tomorrow, but in my heart forever.  If I have enough energy, Ill do an extra "kick" at this mile!
18.  The DFC.  John, Kim, Sgt Dan, Peter, MJ, Mike, And all the "Sue's" and training staples and such a GREAT PLACE!!
19.  Robert.  Love.  The hubster understands if we ever want to elope and run off together.  Too bad you don't like girls :-(
20.  Uncle Alan.  You are the one person who has always believed in me without reservation or judgement no matter what.  No way will I hit the wall with you behind this mile.  Love you.
21.  my OKAY work crew-I'll be laughing my head off all through this mile!
22.  The 'Roo.  Or Summer, my fur child :-)
23.  IronBABY!  Project post IM.  No, I'm not preggers.  But I can think of names.  At this point, it might be P.O.S.  The hubster will re-evaluate with a cooler head, of course!
24.  Karen/Tom/Noah.  My cousins....I am so glad we have gotten closer over the are such wonderful people.  Can't wait to do some hiking post IM!
25.  Alexa.  My Ironfriend :-)  Last year on the 25th we battled our first Ironman.  I will be thinking of you!
26.  Me.  Always dedicate the last mile to me.  What can I say, I'm selfish like that :-)

And that's a wrap,folks.  I should be pretty busy for 4-5 hours, no? :-)

Okies, off to wake up the hubster and do a quick swim!


  1. YEAH #25!!! I got my own number - I feel so special!!! How the f- are you going to remember all of these things to think about? You know what I think about during an Ironman run? "wow my feet hurt. oh shit, I'm going to puke. is there ever going to be an empty port-a-potty? why do I sign up for these things, I hate myself!"

  2. I make a miles bracelet and put it on in T2 :-)