Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Super Tuesday!

Hey all!  It's bloggy blog time from the airport....FINALLY heading home!  I made it through TSA this time (again, we had to stop and play the a****x game, but all's safe and well.  In 3 hours, I will be back in NY...woot woot :-)

Yesterday was my big day in DC....and it was super! We started off in the conference area, learning about CWLA initiatives. My boss decided that the rep from congress was hot and proceeded to try to play wing man all day so that I could connect with him...JERRY, I'm MARRIED!  phht.  Silly man.  After 3 hours and a working caucus lunch, we headed out into the trenches...
 Rough life, huh?  My boss had set up appointments to meet with some big guys on the hill regarding child welfare, and I got to tag along, look important (or starstruck!) and throw in my two cents when asked (which, yes, I did get asked!)  But first, we had to pose....
 Not a bad backdrop.  Of course, it helped that it was 65 and sunny.  Such a rough life :-)
After posing, we went to meet with Louise Slaughter, Assemblymen Tonka, then headed past the supreme court to meet with Schumer and Gillibrand.
It was a long and draining afternoon, but really neat to experience and definitely worth it!  We boarded the bus back to the hotel about 6ish, and I discovered another perk to working on Capitol Hill...
You got to move it move it! 
No complaints.  And then I summoned up my last reserves for a mediocre dinner out...but with freaking awesome company:
Clearly, I left the maturity out on the hill.  A great catch up session, plenty o hugs, and another walk later (hey, its spring like to me!) we decided that all this exercise deserved one more thing...
Cold Stone.  Yum.  Traveling has some perks...can't eat at the 7-11 every day now, can we? :-)
All in all, super awesome, super packed, super fun day! it's time to get back to reality.  5 days, 3 flights, 3 TSA check ins, 3 different beds, 1400 miles, 2 boxes of tissues, too many energy bars to count....but no partridge.
Just this guy when I get back.
He looks more fun than a partridge :-)

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