Thursday, February 23, 2012

All my bags are packed...

I'm ready to go!  Or not :-D  36 hours till my plane takes off, and I have to fit 5 days into a carry on...oh man. 
In order to lessen hair pulling out stress tomorrow, I decided to give 'er a go and start packing tonight.   bags One shower(thats BABY, not water based...harhar), one travel day, and 3 conference days for a swing of 30 to 60 degree weather....with a carryon and a work laptop.  Deep breath.
I consulted the list (hell yeah I have a list, and of course it's broken out into shower/work/running/personal/plane/to do sections...  (NERD ALERT!)
Then pulled out my latest dollar store find...Vacuum sealed clothing bags-GUARANTEED to help give you more room in your bag!  (Although they aren't returnable, so I'm still trying to figure out that whole guarantee), and got to work!
I had plenty of complaints and last minute additions along the way (hey, TSA has a rule against 8oz liquids, not 8 pound cats, right?) errr....

But...after 2 hours of jamming...for "all intents and purposes" (yes Drew, that was for you!) my suitcase is 99% ready to go!  Now, a bank trip, grocery shopping, and last minute errands tomorrow...and then I'll be on my way to see my BFF in Charlotte, my BFF in DC, and to raze the Capitol with Kinship Legislation!  Whew!  Let the madness begin!

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