Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Freak-ing TSA!

Am I even allowed to post that?  I sure hope so :-D  What a Day!  (Sunday).  After my debacle with my massage stick, I was a bit nervous about going through Charlotte's security.  Some of my southern counterparts suggested camouflaging the massager in foil to get through the cameras, but hey, I don't have anything to hide, I thought, let's give this a shot!
Psshhh.  Charlotte don't care about my stick.  Maybe they run.  But....nonetheless....I got pulled over and my bag searched...again. And the offending contents yanked.  And dye tested.  For something starting with the letter "A" and ending with the letter "x".  Thanks Mom TFB.
Whats that stuff?  Well, it's a mix of seasonings for steak and salad and soup, etc...and is twice the size and half the cost down south rather than NY.  So yesterday when I called my mom like a good girl to tell her i was safe n dandy in NC she wheedled for a small favor....good thing I have awesome friends who will stop at Charlotte's Walmart for me.  Good thing Charlotte's TSA has a sense of humor and an extra 20 minutes to rifle through my increasingly dangerous luggage and dye test all four bottles.  So glad we saved that $8  I told her she owes me big time!  Whatcha think?
And, in other news, I am deathly afraid of going through TSA on Wednesday to fly home.  What next, my kindle?  YOU GUYS CAN'T HAVE IT!
Hmm.  Well, after that mess, I made it through with 45 minutes to spare.  Meh, I shouldn't have rushed.  We were grounded for an extra 90 minutes due to engine troubles.  Argh.  Then, they overbooked the flight.  Then, I had to check my baggage because they ran out of room on the overhead bins (STOP charging so damn much to check a bag, guys!) glad I went through TSA hell to just check my bag!
Got to DC about 4:30, checked into the hotel about 5.  Not a bad set up...super soft beds, micro/fridge and a nice deep bathtub :-)
 I shelved the idea of running outside, decided to get lunch (yeah, ridic) and realized after walking around for a half hour, found 4 closed restaurants, and realized that DC closes at 5pm on Sundays unless you sit down to eat.  Lame lame lame!  Thoroughly defeated, I went to my last resort...7-11. 
Yeah, wow. CFC is paying for a mighty expensive dinner....a whole $14 bucks. Tomorrow is another day :-D
After all that, I still managed my 7 mile run, but on the hotel treadmill. Boo. Ya. Aladdin rocks my socks off...kept me entertained for an hour! Off to bed....full day tomorrow...then dinner with my old college suitemate! Can't wait!

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