Friday, February 24, 2012

Spreadin the Love Friday

What NOT to focus on today:  The stress of a zillion mini to do's before leaving on my whirlwind trip, the steadily getting worse sore throat that I keep waking up with, along with body aches today (NO TIME TO GET SICK) or the weatherman that cheerfully predicts the fact that "Winter will be coming back tonight with snow and 50 mph winds!" when I have to get up at 5am tomorrow to go catch a plan.  NO.  We won't focus on that.
Let's focus on good things instead!  It's been awhile, so I figured it's high time for a "what I'm loving lately" happy Friday post!  Without further adieu....

1.  Best new food find-fage 2% yogurt.  I've had every fat free version, but for an extra 30 calories, the 2% is so friggin worth it.  So decadent, so rich, so satisfying.  And, instead of the normal 2.49 price cheap!
2.  Lemon tea.  Nothing better for a sore throat, IMO.  I'm usually a coffee girl, but when I start to feel under the weather, I can't stomach it.  I think I've gone through half a box of this tea in 3 days.
3. New Girl-I know I've mentioned this show before, but this new half hour segment on Fox, starring Zooey Deschanel, is freaking epic.  Laugh out loud, spit out your cocoa funny.  It's basically the most nerdy, hilarious, awkward parts of yourself that you thought no one else would understand.  Well, apparently, they do!  9pm, Tuesdays, Fox.  Just do it,  You won't be sorry.
4.   Getting back into the training season!  I did my second speed workout this week (3x800 with one mile warm up and cool down) and even though I'm a bit under the weather, it hurt so good.  Hopefully I can get this boo-tay into racing shape soon!
5.  Light, pretty snow.  Note-not stupid snow that hurts travel....but we got a fine dusting yesterday, and it made the drive to Utica so pretty!
6.  New City Excitement!  While I'm happy to see some pretty snow, I'm excited to go play in a warmer city for a few days-it's supposed to be 60 in Washington...yup, Ill be the dork in capris and sandals.  I don't care.
7.  Best friend time!  I get to see my maid of honor, 8 months preggo.  And spend a whole day with her...first at her shower then just catching up-can't wait!  And then I get to spend an evening with Drew, my bestie from high school, who lives just outside DC.  So lucky!  Now if I could only find a way to pack the hubster in my carry on, that would be clutch.
8. Pinterest.  Okay, I think I finally got it.  It's a vision board online.  And addicting.  And somewhat scary-every day, I get at least 3 emails with new people following me...and I have no time to play!  Think I could get "pinteresting" put in my job description?  No?  Darn.
9.  Hello, Kindle Fire!  I know I'll eat a little crow, but I am in love with this baby.  Still love me some books, but I've already finished 3 books and am a little crazy with the, I promise, I'm not getting an Iphone.
10.  Flowers that last forever!  2 weeks later, and the carnations are still going strong.  Well, until the cat finishes them off :-D

Ahh, now I feel calmer.  Nothing like a little positive thinking to make the day better!What are you loving in your world lately?

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