Saturday, February 11, 2012


Well, well well.  With my 2012 race page updated and a few entry fees sent in, I can no longer deny it.  Time for off season to end, base season, here I come!  I've had the nasty habit this year of creating a training plan for everyone BUT myself.  Yep, I've created 4 plans so far for friends...I'm no rocket scientist, but I've figured out a few good things when it comes to getting faster (on the run), and have no problem suggesting a training plan for a newbie triathlete or half marathoner.  Just call me coach (okay fine, I'll call me that.  But just because it makes me feel better :-)).  However, like anything else you start to do for other people, I forgot one training plan...mine.  Whoops.  Well, with my first race in 4 weeks, and a half marathon soon after that, I thought it was about darn time to get off my butt and get back into run training! 
Buffalo Half and Full Marathon
I designed a 14 week plan for myself leading up to the Buffalo Half marathon, once again using the FIRST concept from Runner's world.  I used these paces to try to hit my sub 4 marathon last year (missed by 8 minutes, but I have my belief that it was more of the circumstances in my life the days before the race and last minute altered course (that the race directors admitted was about a third of a mile long, even with tangents), that led to the missed goal.  So, we'll stick with this framework!
The plan includes 3 runs a week-one tempo, one speed work, and one long run, all at pre-determined "paces" in order to set your goal.  Love this...if I run more than 3 times a week, I start to get injured...I prefer to cross train with the bike and swim in order to stay healthy and balanced.
  My goal?  A sub 1:50, which I oh so narrowly missed last year at the Unity Half (1:50:09!!).  The difference this year...I'm going for an 8:15 pace, which theoretically would be a 1:48, but since no one in the world runs all the tangents as well as they should, I'm ignoring the 8:22 pace suggested for a sub 1:50 and building a cushion.  Sometimes, I shock myself with my brilliant ideas :-P

400 repeats:  7:00/mile
800 repeats:  7:10/mile
1600 repeats:  7:30/mile
tempo runs:  8:00-810 pace (up to 6 miles)
Long Runs: 8:45 pace (6-12 miles)
Errr...the half, I mean.
Start date:  February 13.  It's on like Donkey Kong :-)  Stay tuned for updates!
Do you follow a plan?  Use a coach? Have any suggestions for busting through a PR?

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