Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Can I call ya Joe?

Aye aye aye.  I would say, Happy Hump day!, but if the rest of this week is like the first half, I'm toast.  Sayonara.  Whew.  Is anyone else experiencing a crazy kind of week?  Is the full moon out?  Between work, prepping for this trip, feeling under the weather, and the basic order of what is right and just in this world being completely effed up (ambiguous, but somehow relate able, I am guessing!) it has been.  A.  WEEK.
Deep breaths, Rae.  So, in my inner Pollyanna spirit (silently retches), today I've decided to play the glad game (hawr hawr hawr).  Let's see if I can't find something to smile about. 
So, as I executed my speed work in the pool (if you can call it that, off season tanked my 800 TT by 30 seconds-poo), I thought about the world around me.  And then, the lane next to me.  Today, I am thankful for....JOE(S). 
Say what?  Well, it started out innocently enough.  Halfway through the day-12:30, exactly on the top of the hump of hump day (well, close enough) I was on my 2nd out of 3 800's in the pool. Splashy McSplasherson on my right, killing my stroke, was pissing me off.  Then walked in my buddy Joe.  We've known each other for about a year now...last year he was training for IMC and I was training for my Ironman, and we managed to hit the pool for roughly the same workouts twice a week at the same time.  I could never remember his name, so I dubbed him IronJoe to force myself to remember!  After about 6 months of gabbing, I realized that his wife directed the plays I used to be in middle school, and I graduated with his younger son in Webster.  Small world.  Anyways, he's awesome.  55 years old and still kickin' butt and takin' names (we trade racing each other in the pool and he keeps me going!)  Anyways, IronJoe made my last 800 15 seconds faster than the first two by making me catch him.  Winning.
This afternoon, I took the mail over to the post office for our program at work, per the usual.  Now, I'm not sure if I can really say this on the Internets, but I'm not a fan of our government lately.  Lawsuits, ridiculous tickets, court processes, and the sense of "fairness" and "justice" (excuse me as I choke on my green tea).  Anyways.  Yay for heading off to deal with bureaucracy!  Anyways.  I was lucky enough to run into my pal, Joe, my favorite mailman.  I have no idea why we started talking, but I see him about 3 days a week on my way to the post office, and he is about the sweetest government worker I've ever met-always smiling, a good story to tell, and a friendly wave.  Yay for Postman Joe for making me smile on a cloudy day!
And for my last Joe....well, he isn't really 3 dimensional.  See, I've had a run with trash TV lately...and have gotten hooked on the Bachelor.  Bachelor Ben is now down to 3 women, and I swear, one is the spawn of Satan.  Well, last night (okay, Monday, but I watched my DVR last night) he got rid of my favorite little bachelorette, Kacie B., and kept the total B mama Courtney, who I am quite sure he only keeps because she likes to get nekkid.  Loser.  I can't wait for the "Women Tell All" show...momma's gonna need her popcorn and two hours of laughs that night :-P  Bachelor Ben, you are dumb.  Therefore, I renounce you in favor of the best Trash TV I know...Family Guy. Seth McFarland is totally wrong, but I don't wanna be right.  Oh yeah, and there's a Joe in that one, too :-D


So, there ya go.  My day fixed, just by Joe. 
And, as they used to say back in the '80s...
knowing (that) half the battle.

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