Thursday, February 16, 2012

(Not so) Speedy Gonzales

Back on the training train! (hardee har har).  So, I talked a bit about my FIRST half marathon training plan, which technically was supposed to start on March 12th, but since I'm running Johnny's St. Patrick's 5 miler on the 17th (of March) I figured I should run well, more than once every other week before I toe the line.  I feel super confident about running five miles (I'm the idiot that runs 12 miles on a whim) but speed? PR for this race is a 38:03 and...heh...I doubt I can come close.  But I'm gonna darn well try!  So, I added on 4 weeks to my half plan and started this week!  So far, I've done a speed workout (which was overshadowed by hallmark day) and today, I did a 4 mile tempo run!  How'd they go?....

Speed Work #1(Tues)
Warm up 1 mile
4 x400 @ 6:58 pace
Cool down 1 mile
Total:  3.5 miles, 29:43 (8:29/mile)

Tempo #1 (Today)
4 miles @ 8:05 pace (goal)
4.16 miles = 33:43 (8:06 pace)

Well, for the most part I hit my paces, but was it HARD.  I felt more like a dying moose than a speedster, but hey, it's only week one.  Ironman training really kills your speed.  Off season kills it more :-D  Off to go re-acquaint myself with my grid foam roller...such an abusive relationship, but keep going back for more.  pffft.
Do you have a love/hate relationship with speedwork?  I could run long all day long, but specified paces scare the crap out of me.  Especially ones with a "6" in the front!
In other news...the hubster finally made himself official this week and got his "M Dot" tattoo!!  I call it a reminder of a huge accomplishment, he calls it corporate branding.  either way, we (kinda) match.  Check it out! 
Awww.  (I'm the left, he's the right).  Iron twins.  I shudder for out future children :-P

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