Monday, February 27, 2012

NoVA blows

...literally.  Now, in case you're wondering what a NoVA is (as I was when my bro texted me), it's Northern Virginia.
And it's kicking my ass.
I've never been allergy prone, but in the past 24 hours I've gone through a box and a half of tissues, 4 benadryl, and 3 hours sleep. Total.
All awesome things when you're on a business trip and have to meet about 200 people that you want to network with across the country.
And tomorrow, we descend upon Capitol Hill.  Hey, Obama, let's be friends!
Let's hope I can kick this guys tooshee before tomorrow...traveling while sick is just miserable.  Hate to be a Debbie Downer, but all I want is soup, the hubster, and my footie jammies (oops, don't have those.  But I have this belief that they would make me magically better.  And I enjoy that delusion :-P)
In other news, DC was gorgeous today-65 and sunny!  I managed to sneak outside for a walk during break and covered a few miles for some NEAT exercise.  Hey, it's snowing back home.  I can get excited over the small stuff.
After all was said and done, I collapsed back at the hotel for an hour (allergy meds'll kick your tush) and then headed out for another gourmet dinner.  Subway.  Livin large, people!  I did manage to sneak a bag of m&ms for dessert though...I suspect I'll need it in a few hours....
Ending the day by watching the Bachelor.....and poppin' 'ems.  C'mon Ben, don't be a total dumba$$ and prove those spoilers wrong.  Ditch the b*tch.
Are you watching this season's Bachelor?  Hate Courtney as much as I do?  Who do you think he's gonna pick?  Me, I can't wait till the "Women tell All" show!  If I was Nikki or Linzi, I think I would just leave :-P  (And here's where the hubster is glad I'm 300 miles away...our TV is safe from pillow and possibly heavier object throwing when he inevitably does pick stupid Courtney)
Nighty night!  Big day on the hill tomorrow then dinner with my older brother...I cannot wait!  Hopefully whatever I am allergic to down here disappears (though I do suspect it's work.  Maybe I can get a pass on that? :-P)

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