Wednesday, February 15, 2012

How do I love thee?

So, how was your commercialized holiday?  We took a backseat to Valentine's day in the Glaser house...hubster was feelin' really under the weather, so Engagement chicken became chicken soup, and Reese's sundaes, cook n serve.  Ahh, well.  We'll celebrate this weekend :-)  We did pay homage to the couch and the hubster rented a cute, silly, romance (Friends with Benefits), so it wasn't a total loss.  More just a nice low key night at home.  With a sick baby.  I mean, husband (hey, he admits he's a baby when sick :-P)

But it still goes down as one of the best February 14th's I've had in awhile :-) Why? Well...this story starts about 4 weeks ago. Even though I'm *cough* taking the year off from tri's (I have NOT signed up for any!), I still get emails as a past participant of the Musselman tri, arguably, the best half ironman in New York the country. (IMO). The race director Jeff Henderson (the reason WHY Musselman rocks so much!) decided to run a contest to see who could write the best poem depicting Musselman, or, officially "Woolsports Musselman". The catch? You could write any kind of poem you wanted-limerick, sonnet, free form....but it couldn't have the letter "I" in it.
Do you know how hard that is when writing a poem about SWIMMING, BIKING, RUNNING, and TRIATHLON? Yep. Well, I kinda just laughed it off and went about my day. Until a few hours later, at lunch, faced with a 45 minute recovery swim...and...I forgot my swim mp3 player. See, I'm a swimmer that thoroughly enjoys zoning out in lieu of staring at a black But, to be fair, I come up with some really good ideas when forced to entertain myself. Like....poems? I started playing with words (no, I did NOT forget to stop at the end of the lane and end up smacking my head....derf), and a mile and a half later, had the workings of what I thought was a decent poem. I wrote it down as soon as I got back from break, spent a half hour cleaning it up and laughing at the absurdity of it, then said what the heck, and sent it off.
They announced the winner yesterday.
It was me :-P
So, what did I win?  My poem will get published in the Geneva paper.  In the Musselman program.  Read aloud at the pre-race briefings.  Oh, and, um....a free race entry.
Well, hell yeah I'm in!  Musselman 70.3, July 15th!
Jeff Henderson, you rock my world. 
So glad I didn't fully commit to taking this year off :-D

And, since I know you wall want a good's the poem!

Through the waters of Seneca Lake,
We freestyle stroke along the wake.
Out of the wet and onto the dry,
Through town and country our two wheels fly.
98,560 yards of two wheeled fun,
Now’s the part where we can run.
On two feet we trot through road and dust,
Forward movement always the must.
After 69,170 feet of covered ground,
The end, so near, we leap and bound.
Legs break at last through tape and hustle,
We thank the gods that made us MUSSEL.

Have you ever entered a contest on a whim?  Been shocked when you won?  This seriously made my week!!


  1. That is awesome that you got a free entry - and that your poem will be published and read to the athletes!