Friday, February 17, 2012

Rekindling the Flame

Who celebrates Valentine's Day on February 16th?  The Glaser's do, I guess :-D  Since the hubster was sick on Tuesday, we agreed to wait until this weekend to celebrate, but through kismet...both of the gifts we bought each other showed up yesterday (yeah, we're lax on that whole February 14th thing :-P)  So, like the 5 year olds we are, we exchanged gifts last night and will go out for the holiday this weekend!  (I can deal with celebrating twice if I Also, coincidentally, both of our gifts were flamin' hot.  Here's what I got for the hubster...
Yay for Splish suits!  Though he was a bit cautious when I told him it was a "grab bag" suit, he was most impressed with the result.  I predict it will make him lightening fast in the pool!  (Har har har)
And here's what he got me!
Now, where he got a kindle fire WITH a case for $20 bucks, I don't want to know, cause that was our limit (sneaky guy!!), but who am I kidding?  I LOVE IT!  And, to top off the already sweet gift, he went looking for all my favorite authors and got me 12 new books for my business trip next week!
SWEET!  I was blown away.  The only catch...he did make me promise that when I hate the ending of a book, I won't toss the kindle across the room like I do the hardcover version.  I think I can handle that :-P
So, of course, last night was spent playing with the kindle and downloading "Angry Birds", "Words with Friends" and the "Fart App".  Yeah, that was all him.
Love my new toy!  Tonight-first kindle book....hopefully without too many facebook and email distractions!  That is...if I can get the hubster to stop playing Angry Birds...
HEY.  That's my present, hubster!  (Yeah right, who am I kidding? :-D)
Do you have a tablet?  Love it?  Hate it?  I swore up and down I would never get one, but they can't be beat for traveling, especially when you're a book whore avid reader like me!

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  1. The fart app is all over my honeys phone...It is absolutely funny!! LOL! I don't care who you are...Farts are FUNNY!!!