Friday, February 3, 2012

Five things Friday

Not to jump on the bloggie bandwagon, but I'm a bit tapped out after this week, so's how about we do just a little update on what's new with my world :-)

1.  I finally got a pedicure!  I got a groupon back for my birthday (yep, in October) and finally got to use it last night.  Why did I wait so long? Well, it's usually a good idea to go to a pedicure fully equipped (10 toenails) and since I lost 3 post Ironman and the last piggie just grew in, I went for it!  It was a rather enjoyable hour and the nail tech didn't run away screaming, so I'd call it a success.  20 bucks, VERY well spent.  Happy (late) birthday to me!
2.  Super bowl bet:  This weekend is the BIG game.  Are you ready?  Yep, I don't care either.  But I finally found a good bet to place on it.  One of the awesomesauce running bloggies, NYC Running Mama, started a runner's bet on the big game.  You pick a team (Go G-men!).  If your team wins, you are "safe".  If they LOSE, then you have to run the number of points that they lost miles.  So, if the Patriots beat the Giants 24-19, I will need to run 5 miles and document it via garmin.  If they beat the G-men by 12 points....12 miles!  Now, thankfully, there's a cap of 20 miles on this bet but....go G Men!  Get it done, Eli!
3.  Blog Updates!  FINALLY, I got my lazy act together and updated my race page, complete with PR's and 2012 plans (yep, it's 2012, I'm here!) and my recipe page.  Check it out!  Make some food!  Then go run it off :-D  Or something like that....
4.  Snackin' smart- Big February challenge is to learn how to snack smarter!  I'll admit it, I'm a mindless eater....a jar of pb and a spoon has no shot in you-know-what against me.  So, with the great sales on veggies this week (for the holier than thou component of super bowl parties), I've stocked up, added hummus and a flat out cut up and ...voila! Instant grazing lunch, full of veggies, high protein wrap and good for you fats hummus.  Takes a long while to eat and keeps my tummy and taste buds happy!
5.  It's splish time!  Getting back into the training season or starting to think about tri's?  Well, clearly, you're gonna need to swim.  Why do it in a $60 speedo when you can do it in a fun splish suit....for 20 bucks?  Yup, Splish is doing their annual grab bag sale online...enter in your size and pay the man, then a few weeks later you'll have a fun suit that's super comfy and the talk of the pool :-)  I own wonder woman and rainbow can bet I sent in my $20 bucks and am hoping for a super cute 3rd suit.  Makes swimming much more fun, say what you will!

Well, there ya go-my world in a nutshell.  Who's super bowlin' this weekend?  Are you pro-Brady, pro-Manning, pro commercials....or could you care less?

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  1. Mmmmmmmmmmmm splish suits. I have an obnoxiously bright zebra one right now.