Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Real World

A whiny tangent....
It feels like Monday.  Like, a really bad, rdank too much last night, hungover, huge project Monday.  Ugh.  I know, I know.  It's Thursday.  Almost the weekend.  But did anyone else feel like the random day off just threw your schedule?
No?  Well, I'm not complaining....too much :-P  Give me a Wednesday holiday any week over a full 5 day work week.  End whining.
Ahh, it's a mad world.
Speaking of which....let's talk about this madness.  4th of July is over.  Nothing but a random Thursday today.  So let's fill it with some random innanness....sound good?
As you all know, I'm not really a TV watcher.  Wait, scratch that.  A sit on the couch TV watcher.  But load me up with garbage on the trainer, and I'm a captive audience.  Right now?
The Bachelorette.
And So You think You can Dance.
Neither of which I will watch unless I am a) riding, b) weight lifting, or c) running walking on the treadmill.
I figure....if my mind is gonna turn to mush, at least I'm working my body in the process, right?
So, I'm a little late to the party with the Bachelorette Debate.  Meh.  When has that stopped me?
Emily, our fearless bachelorette, is a single mom from Charlotte, NC (an awesome city, if I do say so myself).  She's looking for a father for her kid.  Oops, I mean a husband.  Nah...I was right the first time. 
Clearly, I'm not a huge fan of her, but I won't let that get in the way of 25 hot pieces of eye candy or the ability to snark on grown men crying and acting all dude bro.  My early favorite, Chris, was eliminated this shocker.  He was a nice guy, but a bit too immature and full of, he kinda looked like Gary Sinise, which, while we all know is a plus for me....probably doesn't get most women riled up.
We're down to 3.  Ari, Jef and Sean. 
Emily, pleas get rid of Ari.  He is a tool.
Winner prediction?
This guy.
He's the sweetest, most down to earth, funny and unassuming guy.  Goofy as hell, but a real catch, in my book.  Go Jef!
But I have little faith in this woman to pick smartly.  Really, anyone that professes love for Riki (her child) will do.  Especially if you give her 10,000 more babies.  Wonder if she'll get them tested for super sperm next week?  Stay tuned!
Show #2...So you think you can Dance!  Clearly, this show appeals to me because I used to be a dancer.  I fell in love in season 7, when I rooted for Robert Roldan (and am still secretly in love with him).  Ahem.  Season 9 seems to be pretty promising so's no season 7, but out of the top 20 (which they just revealed) I would say there are 9-10 really promising ones.  So, you probably can tune out for awhile till they get rid of the crap ones :-P
An interesting twist this year....there will be more than one winner!  One girl, one guy.  I'm guessing it's because in season 7, Lauren ended up with 5 dudes and no girls, but, hey, at least this way it'll be fair when they let go of one girl and one guy each week.  One of the girls I flagged in the auditions as a finalist made it to the top 20, as well as one of the guys.  I'm gonna trust my gut and predict them as the winners.

For the girls...Eleana.  Yes, I am somewhat partial tbecause she is a ballet dancer.  But she pretty much rocks at every style I've seen.
For the boys?
Daniel.  Again, a ballet dancer.  But with his leaps, extension and charisma, if homeboy can do hip hop, he'll have it sewn up.

Do you watch any of this madness?  Care to weigh in?

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