Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Yesterday was Monday, today is Friday.  Tomorrow is Saturday/Sunday, and then we get another two-fer "week".  Sweet, I can get used to this. 
Some people think that a mid week holiday is kinda weak.
I like it :-)
So what are your plans for the fourth?
The hubster and I headed out to Webster after work tonight for a little pre-celebration with my fam.  My Uncle works the baseball games, so tomorrow was out for a cookout...so we did it a lil early.

And dessert (of course....fresh apple pie n water melon-yum!
And some family time....complete with firecrackers circa 1974 (no joke).

Tomorrow?  It's sleeping in, a long bike ride, maybe an OWS in Canandaigua, and then...fireworks!  I don't know where (as many places did their celebrations over the weekend), but I am bound and determined to find some :-)) Anyone know where there are some good ones on the East side?  If not, we may brave downtown...but hey, to us country folk, that's a long way :-P
In other news....guess what I did tonight?
Yup.  You got it.
For four minutes.
And one second.
Hey, potty mouth.  Not THAT.
Yup.  I ran.
Just a half mile loop.  And probably a really dumb thing to do.  But the weather was gorgeous...the sun shining, the humidity high....(oh wait....nope, still gorgeous to me). And my shoes itching to go.
I played it smart.  One mini loop around our cul de sac.
But four minutes more than I have run in 6 weeks :-)
Okay.  I promis I'll be good till Friday now.
Pinky swear.

Enjoy your holiday!!

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