Saturday, July 14, 2012

Let's get this party started!

Mussel Love: (yep, that's my poem-got my 15 seconds of fame today!)
Mussel Swag:  Natural PB, shampoo/conditioner, bumper sticker,  race eats, tee, and my own mini mussel!  (Best race swag ever....Musselman gets it right!)

Let's go Mussel, let's go!  Mussel guy is READY TO RIDE....and hopefully working his magic on my bike, which isn't sure :-P
T minus 13 hours.....bags are packed, race meeting gone to, packet picked up, breakfast prepped, hydrated (or so I hope)....
Praying to the weather gods that they don't really mean 90 tomorrow.
Praying to the bike gods that my bike remembers all it's gears.
Praying to the foot gods that my feets work.
It's almost go time....Musselman 2012 here I come!
Race report online tracking for this race (we're not Ironman, yo).  Hoping to just have fun tomorrow...I'd tell you about my time goals but....they don't exist :-P
Let's go Mussel!


  1. Good luck - today! Hope it all goes well.

  2. Great poem! So much for the bike gods and the gears...... But you did it anyway!!!!