Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Matter of Perspective

Welcome to Sunny Sunday!  Sunny, HOT Sunday.  After a very late night of cocktails, dancing and celebration of the huz's childhood friend Rob's wedding, we slept in this morning and enjoyed a nice leisurely brunch.  (Bad blogger slap on the wrist...I brought my camera to the wedding ...but forgot to reload the memory camera.  Rookie mistake.  So no pics.  But it was a gorgeous wedding right on the lake, full of wonderful friends, a beautiful bride, yummy eats, and lots of dancing.  The hubster MAY have been wasted...of course, he maintains he was only "tipsy".  hey, I was the DD, I know :-P  Fun times!
Bride and Groom (stolen from FB)
No, he's not drunk at all (Seriously, DUCK FACE? :-P)
Ahem.  Onto today.  Today was THE day.  I had pans to go out and conquer 10-15 miles to decide whether or not the marathon was happening in September.  I listened to all your feedback via messages, comments and FB comments (um, which the overwhelming majority suggested the half :-P) and decided to see what my body told me.
Except I didn't.  While I was on my ride yesterday, I thought about it.  If I ran 10 miles today and it felt good, should I really go for it?  You all know if there's a "half" of something, I want to do the longer race.  It's a sickness.  And I was a million percent cool with not PRing.
I know me.  If I signed up for the full, I would obsess.  I would run too much.  I would either hurt myself or burn myself out in a year that is SUPPOSED to be an off year.
I love to run.  And am so happy I can do it again.
But with a half marathon, I don't really have to train a ton.  I can do what I'm doing.  One to two runs during the week and a 6-12 mile run on the weekends.  No problem.
I also can enjoy the vacation with my husband with minimal hobbling with a half marathon.  And there's something to be said for that.
But if I did the full.....well, okay.  There's a smattering of reasons I want to do the full, all ego based.
So I checked it.  And asked the huz for a birthday present.
A half marathon entry.
And then went out for my 7ish mile run :-)  Not a fast run, but a nice run.  And felt good knowing that I will enjoy running 13.1 rather than obsessing over 26.2
Cause this an off year.  My body knows it.
I wan to stay active....I just don't want to train :-P
Nothin' wrong with that!
So there ya go.  And thanks to everyone that tried to talk sense into me.  Hey, it works sometimes!
With that, enjoy the rest of your Sunday!  It's a perfect hammock day...and that's where I'm headed, with a frozen lemonade and the latest Runner's World.  Nice.

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