Saturday, July 7, 2012

Number Coma

It's been a numbers kinda day.  My program at work has a massive RFA (Request for Award (grant)) due next week, so this weekend is part work part play.  My job?  The budget.  Eek.  Sounds pretty simple, but when you're divvying up hundreds of thousands of gotta have a a sharp mind, a calculator, and the propensity to stare at allllot of little lines.
2 outta 3 ain't bad.
As luck would have it, this is the last crunch week till Musselman (next weekend!) and....I haven't been feeling it.  Ugh.  Well, no whining pull on my big girl pants and get on with the day.
By the numbers.
Numbers, numbers
4 = cups of coffee consumed between 9am and 2pm
3 = yearly budgets written
1.5 = budget justifications written
6 = hours of work
55= number of miles biked during my 3 hour ride
4= water bottles consumed
6 = peanut butter crackers
1= granola bar
15 = minutes of 3-1 run/walk on my T-run
2 = pieces of gum chewed
10 = minutes of stretching i certainly INTEND to do once I've finished this post.
45 = more minutes until I'll pass out on the couch :-P
How was your day?

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