Sunday, July 22, 2012

Team Pants Dance

Ahh, what a great day.  First of all, the huz, Dad in Law, and I did a tri relay this morning in Hamlin Beach (yes, you read the title right, we were team "pants dance"...its some sort of Glaser sweatpants dance...hey, they kinda grow on ya :-P)  Greg braved the 55 degree water temps for a swim, Dad hopped on the bike for the 15.7 mile ride, and I tackled the 4 mile run.
Our swimmer....yeah, the relays get to wear pink.  Manly.

Our biker....rockin the course in his first tri!

Runner grrrrl.
Aside from the fact that it was 86 out by the time I finished the was pretty sweet!!  Dad was a rockstar for his first race ever, Greg's knee allowed him to swim, and my foot kept the hurts somewhat at bay (though it was less than thrilled with the trail parts!)
Team time:  1:50.  Goin' for 1:45 next year!
It was awesome to get the family together this morning (my family, along with Lois, my FIL's other half, were our cheering sections) to celebrate our multi sport foray and also the hubs 34th birthday!  Yay!  We did a mini birthday after the race, complete with candles in a cupcake and prezzies.  Sweet.
And now...I see a "boy" movie in my future, a sweet home cooked meal and dessert (watch out for a recipe tomorrow) and some snuggles time with the birthday boy!

And even though it seems strange to not be in Lake Placid today (best of luck to all the athletes!)  I'll take being at the good ole home front with my birthday boy any day :-)

Shoreline Race report:  It was hot.  Two loops.  Speedy first loop (2 miles - 16:24, sore foot and root issue loop 2: 18:30)  Total run time:  34:54, 8:44 pace.  Not bad for how the foot feels :-P

Short n sweet.  Happy Sunday!  And I leave you with....the team dance (oh you knew this was coming).

And...thats why I love the men in my life.  Who else would allow this in the Internets? :-P

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